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Pimp My Gmail – a cool interface for Gmail

If you are using Gmail, you can add a variety of useful plugins from Gmail labs and choose a Gmail theme from an extended gallery. You can even customize a theme by adding colors and images. But the icons and text remain the same even with different themes. Pimp My Gmail is a script for Greasemonkey that will really pimp up your Gmail by letting you have beautiful icons and an altogether cool interface.

How to see larger versions of thumbnails on Facebook

The thumbnail images of friends help us take a quick glimpse on his/her activity, without having to read the name. Facebook’s thumbnail images look decent in size for a thumbnail, but if you need to get a larger preview of the thumbnail, you’ll need to head over to your friend’s profile page. If your friend has shared pictures on Facebook, there’s no choice but to open the images to view them large on their respective pages. But with inYOf4ceBook script for Greasemonkey, you can easily preview larger versions of images just by hovering your mouse over them.

Troy’s Twitter Script-A great greasemonkey script for Twitter

The interface of Twitter’s homepage http://twitter.com is not that sophisticated for power twitterers. There are no dedicated buttons for retweeting, no options for uploading a photo and posting its link and so on. Due to this, many people prefer using other third party clients which provide a plethora of useful features. Desktop clients like Tweetkdeck, Twhirl, browser plugins like Power Twitter for Mozilla Firefox, etc. are a lot more preferable. Well you can also have a lot of powerful options with a script called Troy’s Twitter Script.

Reader and Calendar in Gmail

You can read your feeds subscribed via Google Reader or access the Google Calendar’s features right from the interface of Gmail. Here’s how you do it.

Power your Twitter with Power Twitter

Power Twitter, a mozilla firefox addon developed by Narendra Rocherolle will amaze you if you are a regular Twitter user. Due to very simple functionalities in twitter, other services like Twitpic, Tweettree etc. have come up to add some flavor in it. You will find this addon to be handy and easy to use.

Greasemonkey for Chrome

Greasemonkey is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that allows users to write scripts that change the functionality of a webpage. A website can be made more interactive with Greasemonkey. One can also interconnect two sites to integrate the information from both sites.