Troy’s Twitter Script-A great greasemonkey script for Twitter

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April 27, 2009

The interface of Twitter’s homepage is not that sophisticated for power twitterers. There are no dedicated buttons for retweeting, no options for uploading a photo and posting its link and so on. Due to this, many people prefer using other third party clients which provide a plethora of useful features. Desktop clients like Tweetkdeck, Twhirl, browser plugins like Power Twitter for Mozilla Firefox, etc. are a lot more preferable. Well you can also have a lot of powerful options with a script called Troy’s Twitter Script.

This lightweight script will let you do a lot of things with Twitter. The Troy’s Twitter Script is created by Troy Thompson. It adds a lots of features to the Twitter’s user page that are not available by default. It adds a RT(Retweet) button to each status message making easy for you to retweet.

troys  twitter script There are a lot of cool features in Troy’s Twitter Script. If there is a link to any photo or Youtube video in the status updates, their preview will be shown underneath the message. You can choose to to see the image in full size by clicking on it. Links to other pages are shown as their titles instead of URLs. Auto-pagination is also enabled as you get to the bottom of the page. If you have enabled “include all @replies” from your settings page, this script will be a boon for you as it embeds the @replies underneath the latest tweet.

One cool thing about this script is that it automatically shortens a long URL. Even if your message exceeds 140 characters, the URL is shortened automatically. If you are about to reply someone who you follow or who follows you with @ sign, the name gets auto-completed.

With Troy’s Twitter Script installed, you won’t have to go to Twitter’s search page for searching tweets. A search box completely blending with your theme can be found in the right hand side and you can search directly from there. This functionality is also available in the Firefox addon, Power Twitter. A small smiley icon can be seen in the icons of the people in the timeline who follow you as well. This can be a lot informative at times.

Another cool feature of Troy’s Twitter script is that when you view a Twitter page of any user, you’ll be able to see the links to their social profiles like their profile pages in Youtube, technorati, digg etc. And any keyword that you search from the search box, will be added to the sidebar for future reference. You can also see the local time of users if the user’s time zone is in their profile. You can also add notes in a user’s profile page. The box opens up when you click on Notes.

Well you can customize all the of this Troy’s Twitter Script settings by clicking on settings at the top-right of the page. This brings up a list of options like autopagination, URL expansion, auto-complete, search, @user tab, local time etc. with checkboxes. You can opt to activate or deactivate any of these options. Or you can restore the default settings as well.

Troy’s Twitter Script is a very powerful Greasemonkey script to enhance your Twitter experience. If you don’t use desktop clients like Tweetdeck or any other third party tools but still want to use the cool features, Troy’s Twitter Script is a must have.

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