Power your Twitter with Power Twitter

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January 5, 2009

Power Twitter, a mozilla firefox addon developed by Narendra Rocherolle will amaze you if you are a regular Twitter user. Due to very simple functionalities in twitter, other services like Twitpic, Tweettree etc. have come up to add some flavor in it. You will find this addon to be handy and easy to use.

power your twitter You can download and install this plugin from Mozilla’s Website. After restarting your browser, the plugin is ready to function. Now when you login to your Twitter account, the first thing that you’ll notice is the twitter search box that sits itself neatly just below your profile. You can now search the updates of any particular twitter user or search through all the tweets for any keyword. This is a very useful feature because without this, you would have to search Twitter from a different location, i.e. from a different Twitter subdomain.

One great thing about Power Twitter is that it lets you see the images or videos right from your Twitter page, instead of clicking on those links. Images uploaded in Twitpic, Flickr, etc. are viewable right inside the Twitter updates section without having to click on the links. The links to Youtube videos appended to the tweets will also show up directly in the updates. So, next time you won’t be seeing only those dull texts in Twitter but a wide range of images and video too shared originally as links. Isn’t that great?

Power Twitter also lets you see the most recent tweets of the people you are following. Just hover your mouse over the user icon in the updates and you’ll see a box that will show you the latest 4 tweets by the user. You can also access this feature by hovering the mouse over the thumbnails of people you are following. Isn’t this a great time saver?

power twitter firefox addon Power Twitter can pull in your social network updates from Facebook? Clicking on Facebook link in the right hand panel will show the updates of your Facebbok buddies. Actually this is much easier than seeing on Facebook.

The @ replies feature is also fixed by Power Twitter. You can now see all the messages that contain your username, not just the ones beginning with @username.

Thus this plugin fixes some major drawbacks in Twitter and makes adds some very handy features to it. A greasemonkey script called the Troy’s Twitter Script is also a very useful userscript for adding lots of features to the default Twitter. So, use Power Twitter and become a power Twitter user.

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