How to see larger versions of thumbnails on Facebook

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October 7, 2010

The thumbnail images of friends help us take a quick glimpse on his/her activity, without having to read the name. Facebook’s thumbnail images look decent in size for a thumbnail, but if you need to get a larger preview of the thumbnail, you’ll need to head over to your friend’s profile page. Or if your friend has shared pictures on Facebook, there’s no choice but to open the images to view them large on their respective pages. But with inYOf4ceBook script for Greasemonkey, you can easily preview larger versions of images just by hovering your mouse over them.

Visit the inYOf4ceBook script page and and install it on your Firefox browser or Chrome with Greasemonkey. Now, open up Facebook and see the difference by hovering over the thumbnails. The script does a wonderful job as it gives you a larger preview of thumbnails of profile images and shared pictures on Facebook that appear on your timeline. You’ll see the larger versions of Facebook thumbnails on the left hand side of your screen. They appear only upon hovering and they disappear as soon as you move your mouse away. Besides, larger images will display image titles if the mouse hovers over them when it overlaps the smaller one when it is displayed,

This greasemonkey script can be of great use for viewing a Facebook image gallery as well. Although you cannot add a comment on the preview, you can preview the larger version just by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail. The hover won’t work for the album cover thumbnail though. You’ll love using the inYOf4ceBook script with Facebook for faster and clutterless thumbnail previews.

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