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Convert currency with your favorite search engines

Some people frequently need to convert currency and use the conversion charts. But in the advanced age of internet and with the development of many online tools, converting currency using the currency conversion charts and flicking open the calculator doesn’t look practical. There are lots of websites where you can find that provide currency conversion tools. But how about using your very favorite search engines for currency conversion?

Translation gadgets for your site

A handy piece of information on the internet sometimes isn’t as easy to understand as always. If you are a blogger or an article writer you understand the importance of valued readers and you wouldn’t want any of them to bounce off just because they don’t understand the language your article is written in. The best option is to add a translation gadget to your site.

See if you are being tricked on instant messengers

If you have hundreds of friends added to your yahoo or other messenger, you sometimes feel irritated at the bombarding messages every second from them. And then you think of appearing invisible to everyone and then talk secretly with some of your very near ones. Do you wish to know who is fooling you around by appearing offline?

Add a browser based IM to your website with Toksta

Toksta is a browser based messenger service and you can integrate it on your website with ease. This service is completely free. You’ll need to add a few lines of code and you’re done. Or if you use wordpress, a plugin for wordpress is also available.