Add a browser based IM to your website with Toksta

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January 5, 2009

Many of the sites have integrated instant messaging features in them, so one won’t have to login to their Gtalk or Yahoo messenger accounts for talking to their online friends. If you own a site, you must have wondered that it would be great if you could also add an IM to yours too, but grimaced the very next moment thinking it to be a tough job. Don’t worry Toksta, a browser based messenger service will help you.

Toksta is a free browser based messenger service and you can integrate it on your website with ease. This service is completely free. You’ll need to add a few lines of code to your blog or website and you’re done. Or if you use wordpress, a plugin for wordpress is also available. Toksta not only supports text messaging but also supports voice and video. But to access these features the users must have flash player installed on their computers. The CEO of Toksta says that the goal of the company is actually to prevent users from leaving a community or a website for chatting via applications like MSN, ICQ etc.

You can customize the chat widget by changing colors, fonts or adding your own logos. The best thing about Toksta is that visitors to a site can chat from the site directly via their own accounts which they are signed in to at the moment and do not need to sign in again. They won’t need to do any additional installations but if they wish to share voice and video, Flash Player must be installed.

Toksta generates revenue by placing ads on the instant messagaing widgets. But Toksta also offers to give a certain share of the revenue to the site owners. Additionally site owners can also remove the ads or add custom ads to the widget.

Though other services like meebo widget is also available for your blog, one should consider trying Toksta because the features are exciting and the service comes for free. So add an IM to your website with Toksta.

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