3D views on Google Street View with a shortcut

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May 15, 2011

Google Street View is the ultimate tool from Google integrated with Google Maps for seeing panoramic views of  cities and places around the world. Google Street View is getting immensely popular for users on both computer and handheld devices. Here is a cool trick with which you can see 3D views on Google Street View.

Search for your desired location with street names on Google Maps and load up the Street view for the place. Now press the number 3 on your keyboard. You’ll now see Red and Cyan colors on the top of the map. These are actually the color shades for 3D view on Google Maps that will just appear as red and cyan to the naked eye. Put on your 3D goggles  to get a 3D view on Google Street View for any street.

Get 3D views on Google Street ViewThe above image shows a street in Los Angeles. You can see some red and cyan colors over the image. With 3D glasses on, you’ll be able to get a kind of 3D view on Google Street View.

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