[How to] 9 Tips to Sell More Mobile Apps

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July 23, 2011

So you’ve come out with a great mobile app, but for some reason there are not as many takers as you anticipated! Chances are you’ve not packaged it attractively enough. Whatever are your views, presentation matters. Therefore, based on our understanding of what works, here’s a ready reckoner of the leading traits of a successful landing page for your mobile app.

Keep it snazzy. Apps are cool and for those who use them, design matter.  Even manufacturers use extremely stylish and sexy designs. If your landing page is a drab, then you’re missing the bus.

Showcasing the device, on the landing page establishes the connection with your prospect, i.e. that you have something suited to his/her device.

Mobile App users prefer simple straightforward product copy. Prioritize key messages in bullet-point formats, so that your visitors are able get a feel of your App in a quick glance. That done, provide the details in a separate section, which they can browse at their own pace. Include screenshots and the important details of your best features to enhance the appeal.

Provide Video demos to showcase the strengths of your app. Findings indicate that conversion rates improve tremendously when video demos are offered on the landing page.

There is much to be gained from leveraging positive user-experiences. For visitors who doubt the authenticity of the testimonials, social media like Twitter is great for sharing user feedback. Instead of just providing a quote and linking it to the source, referencing the permalink of the quote is a great idea. Twitter’s policy of archiving every tweet with its page is superb way to prove that the compliments are genuine

Irrespective of the cost of your product, don’t shy away from your customers. Provide clear instructions how they can contact you. Along with the conventional methods, other great platforms to connect include live chats Facebook and Twitter

Single-page landing pages with crisp copy fare better with the crowd. Consider the design and content structure in terms of page sections, wherein each section reflects a part of the big story. Provide clear-cut headlines for each section and separate the content with visual breaks.

Enabling call-toaction throughout the page, removes the hassles of scrolling all the way up. It also indicates that you’re close at hand. You can never be sure which section triggers the impulse to buy.

Promoting your other apps in a subtle manner can help convince your visitor that you are not a one-film hero. It also showcases your domain expertise, increases awareness and brand-image of your Mobile App business. Remember not to oversell though.

If you’ve already incorporated most of the above suggestions, then continue the great work. If not, here’s the roadmap, go ahead and make the most of it.

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  • Tech Blog

    It is very painful for someone to spend time to develop apps and find it useless in the eyes of end users…this tips will help a lots. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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