Share your Analytics data with others

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January 2, 2009

If you own a website, you must be using Analytics to track your visitors. If you don’t use it then you are missing a gem because a webmaster without analytics is a webmaster in the abyss. Hey don’t take my words gravely. Well if are just a beginner in the blogging world and aren’t getting much visitors to your site, you might not want to show your visitors status to others. But if your website is gaining popularity and more visitors everyday, you might want to show off your Analytics stats to your friends or other bloggers in your niche. Well if you want, here’s a nifty trick that can help you share you analytics data using spreadsheet.

You are about to share your analytics data, so kick off by logging on to your Analytics Account. Now click on view reports. In your Dashboard, you can see a number of statistics of your traffic like the Traffic source, Map Overlay, Visitor Overview etc. You can share any analytics data. Now you’ll see an Export option at the upper part. Clicking on it will let share your analytics data you select the formats for output of your data. Choose CSV and then download the file to your computer. If you have MS-Office installed on your computer, double-clicking that CSV file will open it in MS-Excel. Now to share the analytics data, open you Google Docs Account and upload the CSV file. You’ll get a similar preview of your data in Google Spreadsheets as you just saw in Excel.

google analytics and spreadsheet Now highlight the columns, the data of which you want to include in your diagrammatic chart(Pie chart, bar diagram etc.). Then from insert menu select Chart. Now select a chart of your choice and insert it into the document. So, you can have a quick view on the traffic data through these charts. You can let others see your data or just the chart. Just publish your spreadsheet as a webpage via the Share button. You will get an address similar to this:

Share the address of the webpage with your friends. If you think the address is too long, you can compress it with tinyurl. So you can share your analytics data very easily using Google Spreadsheets.

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