Anti mosquito software for keeping mosquito away

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May 8, 2009

Mosquitoes are common in most parts of the world in the summer season. We despise mosquitoes more than lizards or cockroaches. Use of mosquito repellent insecticides and mosquito nets for keeping mosquitoes away are common practices. But use of insecticides is not a good practice as it may be hazardous to health. What if you could keep yourself away from mosquitoes through your computer? Well you can do it with some handy anti-mosquito software.

You can use software like SEA Anti-Mosquito XP 2.0, KP Anti-Mosquito etc. to drive mosquitoes away. Actually these software produce ultrasonic waves through your speakers basically of the kind that a mosquito can’t stand. Don’t worry, the sound isn’t audible to you as human ear cannot perceive ultrasound. Or even if it is audible, it won’t cause any disturbance. Lets look at a couple of nice mosquito repellers.

SEA Anti-Mosquitoes XP 2.0 : This utility produces cacophonous sound that is difficult for a mosquito to bear. The sound parameters of the program are selected on the basis of the experiments on mosquito flight. Well this program is more than a mosquito repellent as it also lets you get rid of fly. As the program runs, you can see it minimized to the system tray. So, it won’t obstruct your other running windows. You can download it from here.

KP Anti-Mosquito 1.0 : This is another great utility for driving the hell out of mosquitoes. You can set the frequency to auto or manual. This one also minimizes itself to the system tray. You can download it here.

Anti-Mosquito Software 1.0 : This is also like the ones above. This software from KBT corporation is easy to use and drives mosquitoes away fast. You can download it from here.

A couple of mosquito repellents are also available for mobile devices. Applications like Anti-Gnat, Anti-Nyamuk etc. for mobile phones can also drive mosquitoes away.

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  • Mandar_bhale

    Do you ever check the efficacy of applications before promoting them? The pest control, bug control ultra snonic devices are not backed by any study