Starwind – A Storage virtualization Software

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August 30, 2010

starwind logo Do you share your file system and drives frequently over a network while working with your colleagues? Well, Starwind Software offers you even more; with this you can export a whole drive(physical or virtual) over a TCP/IP network. With StarWind software, you can not only export your CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD or hard drives, but export a CD/DVD/BD/HD-DVD image file as a virtual DVD-ROM. You can also export virtual RAM drives through a network. The free trial of the software can be downloaded from here.

Using this software will facilitate the sharing a whole bunch of installed applications in a network. Like, if word processing software is installed on one of the computers in a network, the others can easily make use of it without having to install it. Isn’t that cool?

starwind interface The StarWind package includes two main modules, namely the StarWind Service and the Starwind Management Console. The StarWind Service is the main framework allowing the creation and export of iSCSI target devices. The latter provides the main administration area for management of tasks and devices running the software. StarWind is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4+, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Vista or also in recent versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System. The software is designed for use with applications such as VMware ESX and ESXi, Xen Server, and Microsoft Hyper-V too.

star wind management console

Sailent Features Overview

● Starwind’s RAM disk device is a virtual disk system encapsulated in the Random access memory (RAM). In a network, the RAM disk devices of the host computer store temporary/cache files that enhance the overall performance. After RAM disk devices, there’s the disk bridge module that allows any type of hard drives (PATA/SATA/RAID) using the disk bridge plugin to be used by remote initiator clients.

● Another plugin called The Image File plug-in allows creating of a virtual iSCSI hard drives within a regular disk file. Well this is similar to the temporary file storage by RAM disk except that it stores files directly on hard disk unlike the RAM disk that stores files on RAM.

Besides the powerful set of functioning it provides, StarWind has a very clean and user friendly interface. And if you are disgraced after seeing the same window with the usual buttons over and over again, you can change the appearence from a list of about 15 beautiful themes.

StarWind is by far the most affordable iSCSI SAN solution in the market today. If a set of powerful host computers are to be accessed by other computers in a network in terms of using its storage resources, virtual drives and installed applications, StarWind can be a boon. Or StarWind can also be used simply for transforming your servers into shared storage devices on your network.

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