3 Geeky But Wacky Apps for The iPhone

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April 18, 2012

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a female or male geek, what matters is that you both love clever things. You appreciate the fiendishly smart things in life and can spot a Star Wars convention from a hundred miles away. We kid, but we know you can.

As an iPhone toting geek, we know that you like fun and smart apps. The iPhone apps below showcase just that and more via their simple but clever functionality and all are to be found via your cell or online at iTunes. Give them a whirl and do give us your feedback once you’ve had a chance to try them.

Three Awesome Geeky Apps for The iPhone

1. Blurtt

This cool app allows you to easily add wonky captions to your photos with a simple click of the touch screen. Great for updating your Facebook with funny pics, your Twitter profile, Pinterest, Google Plus and or simply sending an email. Imagine captioning your own cat LOL’s, sport shots, photoshoped sharks, geeky sexy pics – then sharing with family and friends. This app lets you do this very easily and quickly, not too mention should prove to be loads of fun for any geek.

The ideas are limitless and really there’s no funny you can’t capture via this cool iPhone app. Available via your cell or online via iTunes.

Price: Blurtt is FREE

2. Run Pee –

Run Pee is an iPhone app that has a tinge of brilliance to it. Essentially with this app, you’re able to take bathroom breaks at predetermined times so as to not miss pivotal plot points in a movie. It tells you exactly when to take a pee break, how long to be absent for and even what you missed while you were gone. Brilliant much? We think so. The snorts and giggles app is free and available as an immediate download on iTunes.

Price: FREE

3. Bjango



Real geeks monitor stuff, lots of stuff. With this in mind, we have for you a whammy of an iPhone app. Bjango. This app lets you remotely monitor your Mac or Mac server all from the comfort and convenience of your trusted iPhone. It comes with all sorts of bells and whistles to check and monitor anything you could possibly want to keep track of including CPU usage, memory, storage and so much more. A geek delights in monitoring what’s truly important in life.

Price: .99

Let me know what you think of our three geeky iPhone app picks? Tell me below in the comment area. As usual we love blog reader comments and want you to share with us what you think – so let it rip.

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