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Will Bouncer be Enough To Address Androids Never ending Security Lapses?

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August 9, 2012

Finally Google has decided to take a step in order to solve the many problems that are arising with its smart phone operating system Android. The main problem is that of applications which are infected with malware or spyware of some sort or another, Bouncer is an anti virus system which will be monitoring and making sure that apps are safe to use. The phenomenon of apps as well as the popularity of the Android platform are both growing at a fast pace and it is a perfect place for hackers and other thieves to attack users and steal information. All sorts of malicious code are being put to use and a very popular one is the Trojan, many a time causing a spell of unstoppable SMS’s that are sent to premium numbers from the infected phone, users only find out when they are handed their phone bills.

They are also used to collect information from the hand set and send it off to unknown receivers. Not to mention that the personal information which is collected can be used in a variety of ways to cause even more problems. According to officials from various security firms which specialize in treating pests like spyware and viruses, Google has indeed made a much needed development in the work they are doing by focusing on a security solution for users and setting Bouncer as a filter. Though it is uncertain whether that will be enough to clear up bad apps from the market as a whole and not only the official Android app trading place.

The problem which they will be having now, forecasted security officials at Kaspersky Labs was how to keep the Android Marketplace open to all the developers out there while at the same time making sure that the apps which are put in to the store are safe for users to download. Today Android is being used not only by home users but entire firms, governments and even armed forces. Bouncer has been employed and put in place a while now. From progress reports it is claimed that since the first and second quarters of the past year, the number of dangerous applications lurking around in the market place has come down nearly 40 percent.

In a statement from one of the officials at Google it was pointed out that it is not possible to stop all hackers and people looking to do harm from manufacturing applications infected with viruses what we need to focus on is making sure that the Android Marketplace itself is not the source from where these hazardous apps are reaching end users. The drastic decrease in the number of dangerous apps present in the marketplace as a result of the deployment of Bouncer is a positive indication. Google also went on to mention that it is in fact inviting people to help in making the service more secure for everyone by working with the firm to eliminate malware. Even though no security system can be absolutely secure and infallible the app filtration system is getting better day by day.

Bouncer is a helpful system because it does not require any adjustments or changes from either the developer or the consumers end; rather it can quietly go about its business without disturbing either of the parties. Developers don’t have to get tangled up in application approval, instead as soon as an application is put on to the Marketplace Bouncer straight away picks it up and starts scanning for Trojans, Spyware or any other form of malware. This way all apps that users see have been sifted through by bouncer and are safe to use.

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