Shazam For TV

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October 6, 2012

If you love music, you probably already know that Shazam is certainly a beloved app that helps you identify the name and artist of a song. According to Shazam Entertainment, the app has already been used to tag music by 250 million people worldwide. As if that isn’t enough, the app designers have made it even better.  Shazam can now be used as a television companion app, opening up the door for more capabilities and an even larger user base.

Shazam’s new-and-improved second-screen service, Shazam for TV, launched September 17 and provides users with exciting content to correspond with their favorite shows. You might have already noticed Shazam’s partnerships with shows like “American Idol,” The 2012 London Olympics, and the Super Bowl.

These partnerships have provided Shazam with valuable knowledge as to what will work best for Shazam for TV. Mashable reports that Doug Garland, Shazam’s CRO, said the app will provide a “much richer experience” for old and new users. Check out some of the things you can expect with the Shazam for TV app.

Expanded Second-Screen Service: The app’s U.S. second-screen service, which allows for fans to interact with television programming, has expanded to include television programming for any show on any channel. This means that no matter what time of day your favorite live show happens to be on, Shazam will recognize it.

Information About Your Favorite Shows at Your Fingertips: According to Mashable, the app provides you with additional information for your must-see shows. For instance, if you’re watching a television program, the app will give you cast information, trivia, the show website, tweets, celebrity news, music from the episode, and show merchandise. Sports fans will be able to get information on televised games as well; Shazam includes stats, schedules and scores.

Sharing and Commenting Capabilities:  You can share Shazam’s information with your friends using either Twitter or Facebook. According to Mashable, users will eventually be able to like and comment on their Facebook friends’ tags within the app. Shazam user tags will also show up in their Facebook timelines. These new commenting and sharing capabilities are part of the Shazam Friends feature, available on iOS and Android devices.

Shazam has already seen increases in activity when paired with television events like the London Olympics, so the future for Shazam for TV’s user engagement looks bright. What’s even better is that the app is free and available for all platforms, such as iOS, Android, Nokia, and Windows and Blackberry phones. The fall television season is just getting started, so if you feel like you need to add some zest to your television viewing experience, try Shazam for TV and start tagging.

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