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How to import a blogger blog to WordPress(for larger blogs)

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September 17, 2011

Blogger is among the most popular blogging platforms in today’s world. Blogger provides a lot of options for bloggers that is barely provided by any other blogging platform. Many bloggers move to WordPress blogging platform from Blogger after their blog on Blogger has gained a good traction for more control options. Importing a blogger blog to WordPress is facilitated by import tools that are available as plugins  for WordPress or other third party tools.

But many people find difficulty importing their blogger blog to WordPress if their blog is fairly large. Also, the importing doesn’t work effortlessly on some of the hostings. So, a better option is to first export the blogger blog to an XML file and then import it to WordPress as discussed in this post. But, people have experienced difficulties in this method for fairly large sized XML files. If you are also having similar problems, here is the solution for you.

You all must be familiar with WordPress.com that also runs on WordPress CMS but provides a lot less options for customizations. But WordPress.com allows you to import your Blogger blog to it very easily. If you cannot import your blog directly from Blogger because of hosting issues, you can rely on WordPress.com to import it. If your exported XML file is very large in size, the XML to WXR converter doesn’t work. So, the idea is to import the Blogger blog directly to WordPress.com blog.

If you don’t have an account on WordPress.com, register one. You will get a familiar WordPress dashboard after logging in. Now click on Import under Tools menu. Select Blogger from the top of the list and click on Authorize in the screen that appears. Follow the steps and authorize WordPress from Blogger.  After authorizing, follow the steps to import all your posts and comments from Blogger to WordPress. Alternately, you can also export the XML file from blogger and directly import it using the importer at the bottom of the import page. This allows you to import a file that is a maximum of 15MB in size.

Now, click on Export button under the tools menu. This will export the blog as a WXR or say the Extended RSS file that can easily be imported from another WordPress blog. Now head over to your self hosted WordPress blog and go to Tools> import. Now select WordPress and install the required plugin if its not already installed. After installing, you will see a page where you will get an option to upload a WXR(xml) file to import to WordPress. Now upload the file that you exported from WordPress.com and click on the Upload and Import button. But it only allows you to import a maximum file size of 15 MB. After a while, all your posts and comments will be imported to your WordPress blog.

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