Three Ways To Get a Great Deal on a New Computer

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May 18, 2012

A new computer should be an exciting time for you. Gone is the messy, jumbled mess of wires you used to rely on and fresh out of the box is a pristine and wonderful gadget with features you don’t really need but will have tons of fun with. The power differential of a new computer compared to your old one is usually an impressive sight and tasks that used to be hard are suddenly a breeze.

Of course, you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal on your computer. When you look for desktop, tablet or laptop deals, you need to be sure you’re doing all you can do. There’s no point in going in half-heartedly. The following are some great places to get an awesome deal.


Big Box Stores

Far too many people assume that big box retailers are unassailable and have only high priced items, but this is a misconception. Since these big box stores want your business so badly, they are willing to do a lot of things that other venues might not be willing to. For example, they are often willing to sell you “open box” models of their computers for a significant discount. The only difference between such a computer and one that’s completely new and at full price is that the box was opened at some point.

This form of price reduction is not new or even unusual, but a lot of people never even consider it as an option for their computer purchases. Other potential perks include all manner of service and warranty options that online retailers often don’t offer.

Online Retailers

Going online is becoming the way everybody buys everything. With online retailers, you can review the specs and the costs of every model available across every site that offers them. Your research process doesn’t require driving from place to place — you can just click the mouse a few times and find the best deal on your ideal computer.

When you look online, the most important information you can have is what you’ll be using your computer for. Even more important than price, you can look in forums to find both good and not-so-good advice on what computer might be best for your individual needs.


A refurbished computer or “refurb” is a great option for getting an incredible deal on what is essentially a new computer. While technically a used device, the manufacturer’s review and repair process makes refurbished computers as quick and functional as brand new machines, and typically you pay less than half what the machine would have gone for new. With a refurb, you basically get the best of both worlds.

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