Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone5

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October 2, 2012

There have been a lot of comparisons going on between the new Samsung galaxy s3 and the iPhone 5. These comparisons are the latest that the bloggers are typing their best on but what baffles one is that people are comparing a device like the Galaxy s3 with a fictional device.

Yes, the iPhone 5 has not even been revealed yet but there are rumors going on mentioning how the phone will look and perform. The rumor mills just need a fragment of information and there is no concern regarding truth and fiction as long as stories are being weaved with perfection. But it is true that the galaxy s3 is heavily being compared to the fictional iPhone 5 and somehow this comparison is grabbing eyeballs all over.

Like any other phone comparisons these two are also being compared on concepts like the design, screen, power and accessories but the only part which makes this comparison quite unofficial is the fact that Samsung Galaxy S3 is actually a product in the market while the iPhone 5 is; well let’s put it this way, still unavailable for any comments.

It is being held that the iPhone 5 is going to be a bit thinner than the S3 as s3 is at 8.6mm while the iPhone 5 will be an mm thinner at 7.6mm. As usual the device will be having a metal casing when compared to the plastic casing of the Samsung device that comes with a removable battery while iPhone 5 will have a non-removable battery.

The rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 also states that the phone will have a liquid metal covering which will be better than its present cover of a plastic and glass mixture. Even an aluminum cover would feel a lot better and would give a feel of having a high end device in hand when compared to the s3 which has drawn some solid criticism due to its flimsy plastic cover on the back.

In case of the comparisons being made on the screen dimensions, the galaxy s3 scores more as it has a 4.8 inch screen, nearly an inch longer than that of iPhone 5 and is 71 mm wide while the iPhone 5 screen will be at 58 mm. But the screen of s3 is a bit too big and so before buying one should check it out as many may find it difficult to access it with one palm comfortably.

The comparison of accessories of two different phones from different makers is not quite fair but here it is necessary as the iPhone buds are new with a radical shape without rubber tips. The power cable is also believed to be new as the usual has been changed for a 9 pin socket. Interestingly, the S3 has all the usual accessories like the rest in the range, with the IEM headphones. The iPhone 5 will come with the usual IPS display while the s3 comes with a super AMOLED screen panel.

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