Technological Innovations by Car Manufacturers

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January 21, 2012

There have been a lot of changes in the world of cars. In the beginning, everyone was amazed that there was such an invention that could travel without horses. Then there was the addition of radios, air conditioners, and we’re now to the point where the cars are able to park themselves with a simple click of our iPhone.

The technology of  just being able to take drivers from point A to point B, to being able to allow kids to learn about history, and driver being able to listen to his e-mail; the burst of technology from automakers is simply astounding. Due to all of the advancements in technology, there is no doubt that within the next couple years, cars may just be able to drive themselves.

 Trickiest problem solved by an app


One of the things that irritate drivers the most has to parallel park. Parallel parking is generally the one thing that makes drivers have to retake their driving tests. Car companies have worked on multiple cars for a way to make the cars park themselves. The technology in the cars has been built around being able to fit cars into most spots that human drivers cannot attain. In doing so, the companies have helped reduce clutter in parking lots and the risk of collisions in roadways simply with an iPhone app and remote parking. iPhone apps now can start the car by using a special key fob, and roll down the windows by remote, so driving up to your front door by an app is just a few years away.

Cars are now a moving entertainment system


A common problem with cars in the past is the lack of entertainment for the kids. Before, there many road trips that somewhere along the long were kids crying “Are we there yet?” Most vehicles these days have built in TVs or DVD players, allowing kids to watch their favorite television shows or movies with Apple’s Back Seat Mounts for the iPad. A great benefit for cross country road trips. There is also an added bonus of allowing kids to hook up gaming systems, and play their favorite games when they get bored.

Cars are now a moving office

The best feature to date is the ability to work while driving. These functions with an Apple device which lets drivers have conversations hands free by the Front Seat Mounts by Apple for its iPad. They can have their e-mails read to them, or their text messages. A great breakthrough for large companies that involve  large amounts of driving. This advancement also allows families to stay connected- great for college students. Ever since the involvement of social media, keeping in touch is a main necessity.


Cars always have up to date maps

Due to the world expanding; businesses and families are continuing to move further away- having the ability to find places with just a tap of a finger is needed more than anything. GPS systems have allowed travel to branch out and try new things, and meet new people. The usage of global satellites gives the users a detailed picture and road names to find their desired location such as with Google Maps.

Due to the rise of technology, driving has become easier, and more manageable due to automakers and their diligence to improve the driving experience. While it is recommended to not multitask while driving, companies have made it safer than what it was. The kids can be entertained, directions can be solved and easily legible, and office meetings can be reached without having to be canceled. Technology has blessed drivers with the ability to stay on top of their lives without having to sacrifice a chunk of time in the work commute. Driving is becoming the most productive time of the day.

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