Report Fake likes on Facebook to ESET

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July 7, 2011

The malwares and scams prevalent on Facebook is known to many. Especially if you use too many applications from unknown sources, you may become a victim of scams that post strange links to your profile. Facebook thus has lots of pages and applications containing malwares. There are some malwares that create likes on your behalf for pages without your knowing. If you happen to see such pages and videos, you can report such fake likes on Facebook to ESET.

If you find a video or a Facebook page that you haven’t liked knowingly but still shows you as one who has pressed “Like” on it, you can report such pages to ESET so that they can block them. You can report fake Facebook likes to ESET. ESET is the company behind the famous antivirus software NOD32. If you find such pages or videos, you can send an email to with the subject “Auto-like Mail” with the link to the corresponding URL. ESET says that they will review such links for malicious content and threats and will block them if threats are found. So, those using NOD32 can automatically have such pages blocked if they turn up while they use Facebook.

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