7 Unique Advantages of Being a Digital Nomad

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December 4, 2011

In times of widespread financial crisis, unexpected opportunities arise. For the increasing legions of entrepreneurs who make a living on-line, prosperity is no illusion. There is a new breed of entrepreneur, who skillfully threads new career avenues: the Digital Nomad.

Digital Nomads are self-reliant individuals with substantial revenue streams. They have collaborators rather than bosses, and they are in charge of their own schedule. Since they work through the Internet, they are not tied to a specific location of Earth. They have the privilege of choosing what they want to do and where they want to live.

7 Advantages of being a digital Nomad

There are several enticing perks you can benefit from, once you’ve successfully established a career around the ever-expanding digital marketplaces. Let’s look at them in detail:

1: You are the boss

On-line business making is all about networking. It means that you never have to put up with actual bosses; rather, you have to put up (and mutually profit from) business collaborators. As you build on your professional assets, you’ll get access to increasingly valuable opportunities. And never once will you have to feel like someone else is in charge of your fate. For better and worse… as a digital nomad you call all the shots and chart your own success (or failure).

2: You are not tied down

Being fully realized as a digital nomad, you should be able to earn as much as the corporate drone next door. But you’ll have a precious blessing: not being tied down to an ugly office downtown. This means that you can work in your pajamas or you can work from the Bahamas –wearing nothing but a straw hat. And no one even needs to know: as long as you have Internet access, you’re in business! Have you considered the possibilities of that?It’s mind blowing, once you start thinking about the limitless freedom you can access.

3: Your office is a laptop

As a digital nomad, you do most of your work from a laptop. Which means, your entire office can fit in a briefcase. So, once you get moderately successfully to afford such a thing, it means you can just go anywhere on a whim. So the busy metropolitan lifestyle is wearing you down? No worries. Just grab that laptop and let’s go rent a lovely holiday cottage, somewhere nice. And it’s not really vacation, since you can keep working as long as there is Internet access! Or you can fully relax, or something in between: it’s your call, remember?

4: You don’t even need an office

I should be honest with you, dear reader: after 5 years of working full-time in the digital marketplaces, I don’t even need to lug around the same old laptop anymore. In fact, I seldom use the same laptop for more than a few months before switching up. Because when you get down to it, all your business takes place in websites and e-mail conversations. Those are things you can access from any computer in the world. So, if you’re really trying to go fully nomad, you don’t need anything that you can’t carry around in your wallet. Everything else is inside your head: which all boils down to passwords, people and business networks. And you.

5: You get to write your paychecks

If you’re really good in whatever you choose doing? After five years or so, you might just find yourself making substantially more money than all your childhood friends who went down the conventional career routes.  At which point, you can make a decision: to be ambitious and try to make it really big, or to just take it easier and live off the passive profit generating assets you’ve built until then. As the saying goes, you really do get to write your won paychecks, in this line of work. You just need skill, perseverance and hard work, in order to succeed in writing yourself some impressive numbers.

6: You set your own standards

What are your goals and ambitions? How big would you like to grow, business-wise? Do you dream of owning a mansion someday, or you just like to be able to retire before you hit the forties, to settle down in a quiet inexpensive apartment in an inexpensive destination such as Malta or la Gran Canaria? You can be as ambitious or as unassuming as you like. Whatever professional standard suits you best, it’s yours for the choosing. Just be mindful you reap what you sow, in this business… and nothing ever comes out of nothing!

7: You get to choose your destiny

One of the greatest things about making a living on-line is that you can ultimately choose your own destiny. You can settle for good enough, or you can work our way to the top. You can be a moderately successful service provider, or you can try to build an on-line empire that rakes in millions of dollars per year. Or you can be anything in between! As a digital nomad, you’re limited only by your ability to perceive the unexpected opportunities surfacing from the frantic expansion of on-line business worldwide.

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