Some tricks to search efficiently in google

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September 7, 2008

google search
►Say you want to find some good Museums in New York City. If you simply type USA Museums you will end up with a result which shows pages matching your query but all the results may not match your exact phrase. But if you search the keyword phrase enclosed within ” “ [“USA Museums”] you will get result of pages containing the exact phrase.

►If you are doing a image search on George Washington but you do not want to see any images of Washington city in the search results, just type &imgtype = face at the end of the query to get the images of George Washington. It will be like this: George Washington &imgtype = face.

►You work in company where you are not allowed to view any glamour site. Don’t worry google can help you with its very typical google cache. Just type cache:

►If you want to find the related terms matching your searches, add a tilde(~) at the beginning of your query. If your query is ~ cell phones your search results will also show up the sites with the keywords like mobile phones ,cellular phones etc.

►If you add an OR in between two terms you want to search you will get results containing either the one or the other. For example: Cats OR Dogs will show results containing either the cats or the dogs. Remember to capitalize the OR.

►If your want to find hotels in China but want the results to exclude the hotels in Shanghai, use the minus(-) operator. Hotels in China-Shanghai.

►If you wish to search only one website type site: before your query. If you want to search about Ford cars in Ford’s website, type cars.

►To exclude plurals, tenses or synonyms from your search add an operator(+) before your query. +book will make the search of only book and not books or novels.

►Have you tried to search files like pdf or doc? If you search normally you will get results which may or may not contain the files you look for. But if you add filetype:fileextesion before your search query it will give you the links where you can download the file with the extension you were searching for. Like filetype:pdf Javascript Programming returns the results with download links of pdf files related to Javascript Programming.

►Google’s calculator will help you make calculations on the fly. Use +, -, * ,/ etc. operators to make mathematical calculations. Here are some commands:

+(addition) : 2+3

-(subtraction) : 10-5

*(multiplication) : 10*5

/(division) : 100/10

% of (percent of) : 10% of 25

^(raise to a power) : 2^1

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