Help improve the new WordPress 3.2 Beta and the Twenty Eleven theme

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May 5, 2011

WordPress has lots of developers around the world contributing to its development. WordPress regularly releases updates and each version is a big enhancement from the earlier version . Well you can also contribute to WordPress 3.2 development even if you aren’t a developer. You can help improve WordPress by reviewing WordPress 3.2 Beta and the new Twenty Eleven Theme for WordPress.

WordPress invites users to take a stroll through the new WordPress 3.2 and the New Twenty Eleven theme and identify the accessibility issues. You can notify them if you find any issues with WordPress’ upcoming release version i.e. WordPress 3.2. This beta tester plugin lets you upgrade to the latest Beta release candidate with a single button click using WordPress’ built in upgrader. Those who want to play around can also switch to the bleeding edge of development using the plugin.

You can test WordPress 3.2 beta using the Beta tester plugin for WordPress. WordPress specifically invites accessibility professionals to be a part of the accessibility working group. You can refer to this post by Jane Wells on Make WordPress blog.

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