How To Use Tech Tools To Score Low Cost Personal Insurance

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June 26, 2012

The advent of web based retailers and high speed internet access at home has created a cottage industry of tech tools and apps for a variety of consumer uses; including research, price comparison and the actual buying of product and services.

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When it comes to personal insurance, the web is no different. We can now go online and research, price shop and buy insurance on the web via established and trustworthy insurance providers – that we couldn’t do, a decade or so ago.

But how do you use these new tools to score a good personal insurance at a good rate that provides the adequate coverage you need? Below we answer just that via our three quick tips.

1. Research –

One of the ways you can use tech tools for personal insurance is to research your various options. You can check the different plans available, the rates, the coverage, the deductible, how to apply, etc. One of the good things about using the web for this type of research is that you don’t have a pushy salesperson trying to persuade you one way or the other towards a particular provider, plan or company. You can take your time with it, decide when you’re ready and only after seeing all your options. When you go to Google to research insurance be sure to be specific in what you seek, such as the type of insurance whether home, auto, business, motorcycle, boat, etc and then dig even deeper by typing in a zip code – so your Google query would look like this – “auto insurance 38967” without the quotes.

2. Price Compare –

Another huge advantage of online web research for insurance is the ability to price compare various policies, providers and coverage. If for example, you seek dental insurance and have a monthly budget of twenty dollars, then you would want to compare in that price range and see what options are available to you. This can easily be done via a price comparison website such as Net Quote or one specific to your region or type of coverage. You could easily save several hundred dollars a year by simply doing a price comparison BEFORE buying your next policy.

3. Buy –

After doing your research and price shopped around for the best rate, it’s time to actually buy your policy. And you can do this easily and quickly online via an insurance website. The advantage of purchasing your policy online versus an agent is that you cut out the middleman and save on a commission and or additional fees that would go to the agent. In essence you’re now a DIY agent when it comes to insurance. Not too mention no sales pitch and usually you get your personal insurance ID cards immediately upon payment approval. What fun.

It’s time to put that $500 iPad to good use and score a low cost policy that you never thought was possible a decade or so ago. Let us know what other tips you would add to our list?

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