Search options added in Google Video Search

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June 8, 2009

Google Video search has added some advanced search options making it more easier to find videos. You must have noticed one of the latest features in Google Search, the “Show Options”. A similar “show options” can be found in Google video search now. You just do a search and you’ll see the “search options” at the top.

The Google Video Search options are pretty much handy. You can choose from TV View, List View and Grid View to see the results the way you like in the results page. You can also search a video by its duration- short, medium or long. videos longer than 20 minutes are categorized under long videos.

As in Google Web search, you can now search for videos by filtering them on the basis of their age and relevancy. You can choose to view a 24 hour old video or a week maybe months older video. You can also strictly search for High Quality videos. Google Video search also lets you choose the source of the video like Youtube, Dailymotion etc. You can also choose to see only the videos that are playable on Google.

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