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The Big Challenges faced by Mobile Application developers

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June 26, 2012

In today’s universe of mobile application developments, the pressure is  quiet high on the application developers. Developers are expected to bridge the growing gap between ever demanding user expectations and the dynamic technology. They remain the key for the existence and growth of mobile application universe.

The challenges and area of concern can be briefly summarized as below:

1)      Coping with ever-changing Hardware world: To develop an application which is compatible in all hardware platforms is a big challenge for mobile application developers. Worse, creating updates and even updating the application across different platforms are quite an enormous concern, considering the availability of devices with different capabilities, restrictions and technical features like operating system and version and memory features. Mobile application developers need to ensure that their product could be updated and should be able to foresee the potential future challenges and work towards it. This could be attained by means of a support team or third party team.

2)      Bringing in the best user experience for all users- Mobile users pay their biggest attention to user experience. A native look and feel is something that most users would like to have for any application they use, be it the weather application or the email or even the sporting news as they have invested on best cellphones. Bringing in the best of user experience across multiple mobile clients and platforms along with cross browser support is something most developers are striving to achieve.

3)      Power/bandwidth consumption- Application developers need to focus on an application which uses least power and bandwidth. Given that internet connectivity and other features like introduction of 4G and more are coming, the key remains in lesser consumption of power and bandwidth to win consumer’s confidence.

4)      Providing a safe and secure  environment– Developers need to ensure they have given fool proof on the user data and transactions. They need to ensure the tight security integration as needed for different demographics.

5)      Decision on use of the technology /kit for the application development-The choice of taking web-based technology is something any developer need to give a good though on. Although they present the easiest model for deployment for many mobile applications, if they proper security measures are not taken, then they also present the chances of fraudulent attacks. The use of specialized kits and libraries also needs to be taken into account as this would reduce the time and effort for many of the things that would be needed for an application

6)      Understanding the  consumer –Application developers should understand their audience and the potential consumer mind. There should be proper analytics on application and the application development process should also take inputs from these. This would also help in setting proper expectations and priorities..

7)      Marketing vision of products- Developers should be able to understand the market dynamics and application stores to a good extent. They need to understand the importance of a proper and advanced form of targeting the audience. The ways and manners the stores target users and how they could help in efforts to increase this functionality needs to be explored. Providing demos of application, relevant advertisements of application and targeting users using application user profiles is some of the well known techniques.

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