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Chrome Browser Finally Comes to Android

Many Android users have complained that the Google Chrome isn’t immediately available on their smartphones. Personally, I thought it was a little odd that Google would be the last to launch its own browser on its own smartphone.After all this time, the wait seems to be finally over.

Why Google Demoted Chrome by applying Solid Penalty Against its browser

This can be surprising but this eye-popping news is true to the core! As reported by Search Engine Land, Google was caught with its Chrome’s video ad campaign. As a result, Google demoted chrome by applying a solid penalty against its browser. No one believed that Google could do one such thing but if the analysts are to be believed, this action by Google has generated a lot of respect for itself.

Manage your bookmarks online using Boonote

Managing bookmarks and migrating them to another device can be a real pain sometimes. With people using Internet on computers, mobiles and tablets, they want their bookmarks to be accessible from any place on the earth. With Boonote, you can save and manage your bookmarks online and sync them through various devices.

With Chrome Notebook, your data won’t be lost – Google Video

Google’s Chrome Notebook is doing the rounds on Internet these days. A video showing the usability of Chrome Notebooks and how data remains safe with it was shown on the Chrome Event on 7th December 2010. In this video, Chrome UX designer Glen Murphy shows some of the advantages of using chrome notebook. 25 computers were destroyed in the making of this video but no data from any system was lost.

How to block Facebook social plugins on websites

If seeing too much of them has distracted you, Facebook blocker can be of help. Facebook blocker can block all Facebook social plugins and make them disappear altogether from any site. It is available as a browser plugin for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Internet Explorer 9 Leaked Video

The video of the much anticipated Internet Explorer 9 is leaked on Youtube. The browser is scheduled to be released on 15 September 2010 at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco, California. In...

Google Chrome – A Browser from Google

Google has launched a free, open-source browser which it
claims to be the fastest browser on Earth.
The interface looks simple but doesn’t look dull either. Browsing is a
real fun with google chrome.