Scheduling Appointments online with Opencal

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November 2, 2010

Opencal online appointments schedulerDo you to set appointments over the phone making or receiving calls endlessly? It seems so much like a number game, the dates, the phone numbers and more which you need to memorize or jot down. Well this is kind of an old approach towards setting an appointment. OpenCal is an online application that adds online scheduling to small businesses that take appointments; basically, it’s for anyone that sells their time.Opencal Online appointments scheduler interfaceOpencal lets you handle appointments online and has a lot of user-friendly tools to help you do so. Clients can book online appointments with you in less than a minute and adapts well with your business type. Opencal also gives a website to its registered users where they can showcase their business service, business hours etc. But many companies these days have their own websites so they can directly add Opencal’s Book Now button to take online appointments instantly.

On the Opencal’s Dashboard, one can monitor the latest activities or appointments and manage tasks and appointment requests through calendar. The design and interface is very clean and user friendly and your clients will practically have no problem booking an appointment with you. You can approve the appointments manually or automatically. The easy to use drag and drop calendar, customer feedback, calendar export, staff and services control, business reports creator, client data manager etc. are some of the useful features which make Opencal a good choice.

Opencal also has CRM tool built into OpenCal and will soon be adding business reporting functionality and email marketing. Opencal sure has the potential to help your business grow for which you can give it a try.

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