Send Handwritten Thank You Notes to Your Customers

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November 2, 2010

Send handwritten thank you notesThese days, we normally connect with each other via email, IM or texting. So when someone sends a handwritten note via snail mail, that note really stands out. Moms and sales coaches have been preaching the virtues of sending handwritten notes for years. But most entrepreneurs and sales people are busy fighting fires and finding new clients and many of them don’t have the habit of writing. They just don’t have time to sit down and handwrite thank you notes. Enter ThankThank Notes.

ThankThank Notes is a new service that helps businesses stand out by sending handwritten thank you notes to their customers. They physically handwrite and mail your thank you notes for $3 per note. Using the ThankThank Notes web app, you can use their sample thank you note template and upload your contacts. ThankThank Notes handles the rest. An army of staffers in Austin, Texas handwrites, hand-addresses, stuffs, stamps and mails out your notes to any U.S. address. Done and done.

You can also choose if you want your notes written by a guy or a girl. And if you want your notes postmarked in your hometown rather than Austin, Texas, they’ll mail the notes to your address, so you can put the prepared notes in your outgoing mail. ThankThank notes claim that most notes go out within 48 hours. Here’s a demo of ThankThank notes.

ThankThank Notes can save you hours of time and hand cramps when writing handwritten notes to your customers.

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