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Effective Options to Recover Deleted Emails from IncrediMail

IncreadiMail is one of the free email clients that facilitate viewing of emails of any web-based mail account. This efficient email client offers multimedia features that let you add animations, emoticons, colorful backgrounds, special fonts, etc to your emails and get out from traditionally typed white and black messages. You can also create e-cards with IncrediMail email client and include spoken messages in your emails as well. Moreover, this advanced email client supports various email service providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.

How to restore your Outlook mailbox on Exchange Server in the event of OST corruption?

OST file is created by MS Exchange Server in a local Windows Server. It is created in the same drive location of your Outlook PST files. When link between MS Outlook and Exchange mail server could not be established due to various reasons, Outlook mailboxes of mail server are saved in Offline folders or OST files. Each OST file contains a single Outlook user mailbox and allows a user to access emails in offline mode.

How to secure email hosting for business

Email or webmail hosting solutions provide customers access to messaging and information sharing resources. Securing email hosting can be a difficult issue for clients or users. Many of the suggestions for a secure webmail hosting can be planned. These tips are regular updates to functions, passwords, backups and many others. In this article we would discuss tips for secure email hosting.

Tips to Avoid Outlook PST File Corruption

Since PST or Personal Storage Table files store all your Outlook objects including emails, contacts, tasks, journals, etc thus you can consider them as backup of our Outlook mailbox. Despite the usability of PST files, they are prone to get corrupt that causes Outlook data loss. However, with the help of an efficient third-party Outlook PST recovery software, you can easily recover your corrupt PST files and if you want to know the tips to avoid further corruptions then too need not to panic! As after reading this post you will understand some really useful tips by which you can avoid PST corruption.

How Email Marketing and Coupons Actually are a Good Mix

If you read any Internet marketing blogs, I will almost guarantee that there is at least one—and there is probably more than one—post about how you need to be building your email list. It doesn’t matter if you’re another blogger, a news site or if you are selling products on your site, having that email list is really important because it is the sure fire way to consistently bring people back to your website on a regular basis and hopefully, turn them into paying customers.

Colocation or the Cloud?

Since the release of the iCloud in June, regular internet users have become enthralled with the concept of the cloud computing. However, many don’t realize that they already use it on a day-to-day basis through programs such as regular e-mail, Google Docs, and Flickr. Businesses have long been incorporating cloud technologies into their IT departments, but the recent surge of interest in and the prices of cloud computing have led many wondering if colocation services wouldn’t be better.

Automating your Email with Tout

One thing anyone who earns their living online or for anyone who spends a lot of time online will learn is that there are always some things you would like to automate. Automation is the key to creating processes which reduce errors and improve productivity.

How to know if an email was sent just to you or a mailing list

You can know if an email was sent to you only or a bunch of other people by looking at the source of the email. Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly know if an email was sent to a group or was sent exclusively to you? Well with Gmail you can have that feature.