How to block Facebook social plugins on websites

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October 22, 2010

Facebook Blocker plugin Facebook’s like button has become an important inclusion for almost all websites and blogs. Especially Facebook’s like and share buttons are ubiquitous on the internet. If seeing too much of them has distracted you and you want to get rid of Facebook social plugins like these, Facebook blocker can be of help. Facebook blocker can block all Facebook social plugins and make them disappear altogether from any site. It is available as a browser plugin(addon) for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Facebook Blocker can block all sorts of Facebook social plugins seen on websites except on Facebook itself. This blocks all plugins from Facebook even the ones that are withing the iFrame. Like button, share button, Like box, Activity Feeds, Live Stream, Recommendations etc. Once you install the Facebook blocker browser plugin, all of these would be gone. But the sites that use Facebook connect for logging in or those that use Facebook’s integration as a conduit for other functionality will work normally as the plugin doesn’t affect these features.

Facebook blocker even blocks like button on any page generated through Javascript. It works great if you don’t want to see the Facebook social plugins across websites.

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  • Su-Guest

    does this block sites and Fb from sharing my info? or is it just a script editor that blocks the image of the links?

  • Anonymous

    Its just a plugin that works on your browser. It prevents the social plugins from Facebook from appearing on a webpage altogether. So, when nothing from Facebook is seen, you cannot share anything over Facebook.

  • Anyone else find it ironic that immediately after this post, there is a like button?

  • Anonymous

    actually its just a tip for those who want to block the social plugins and should be implemented by the user himself. Sites don’t block social plugins.

  • Chuck Reese

    So how do I keep comments *I* make on a Web site, like CNN, or messages about which stories I shared, from showing up in OTHER people’s browsers?

  • It is not working for me. I used plugin for FF on 3.6.25.