Find and create color palettes online with ColorRotate

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May 18, 2009

If you are a graphic or web designer you should understand the importance of color combinations. Nice colors and color combinations are much coveted among graphic designers, interior designers and landscapers. You must have used Kuler in Photoshop CS4 for picking colors. ColoRotate is a similar kind of online color palette creator that lets you browse through the color palettes, create new palettes and share them with the online community.

online palette creator

ColoRotate is  a color picker in 3D form. Studying color combination is easier via ColorRotate for people who don’t use Photoshop or other photo editors. You can select any color you like and its 3D approach makes it much easier for you to understand the relationships between colors. The Flash based interface with the diamond shaped 3D color picker is very interactive and easy to use. You can pick up a color palette and edit it totally with the adjustment tools available. You can adjust the Tint and Contrast of colors as well. The drag and drop interface of ColoRotate makes it very easy for you to add and edit colors in the palette. What’s cool about this tool is that you can also import your color palette as swatch in Photoshop.

There is a sliders mode as well. This will bring up color sliders for editing the colors. You can choose various modes like RGB, CMYK, LAB, HSV, HLS, NCS while adjusting these sliders. You won’t need to remember the color values and jot them down as you can download the palettes directly in .act format.

You can also share you palette with the online community. You can add tags to your color palettes making it easier for others to find it. Or if you want to have a color palette created by others, you can simply search for the tags. So, try this beautiful online palette creator to understand the color relationships and quickly figure out the best color combination for your design.

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