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Designing a website using Turnkey virtual appliance

Aside from death and taxes, there are not a whole lot of universal certainties one can rely on. When it comes to the Internet, however, one thing is for certain: it just gets bigger and bigger every day. As the Internet gets bigger, websites become more and more sophisticated, with complexities that can cause the average web developer premature aging, insanity and other disorders if website development isn’t taken care of properly. Yes, it is that serious. While the 20th century term for occupational madness may have been “going postal,” the new 21th century term should definitely be “going web developer.”

Share files online easily with Ge.tt

When the file size that we need to attach in an email exceeds the attachment limit, we look for online file sharing services using which we can upload and share files on the fly. There are sites like box.it, rapidshare that allow quick uploading and sharing of files. GETT is another such utility that lets you share even large files and share them in an instant.

Browser based file manager

A web based file manager is available for you. IT Hit has launched a Beta version of their web based file manager. Wouldn’t it be easy to edit and upload Microsoft Office files like Word, Power Point or Excel on the fly? You will also be given a temporary folder for testing.

GmailDrive-Use Gmail as your online Drive

GmailDrive is actually a Shell Namespace extension which creates virtual storage system that will let you access your files from almost anywhere. Gmail provides a lot of free space but generally that is never utilized to the fullest. GmailDrive will let you use Gmail as your online hard drive very easily.

Single mouse and keyboard control over multiple computers with Synergy

Synergy is a freeware that lets you control multiple computers in your network with a single mouse and keyboard. It also supports controlling multiple computers running on different operating systems, each with its own hardware. It works fine with major operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris etc.

Sky Drive- An online hard disk

Sky Drive is a part of Microsoft’s Windows Live Family of Web-2.0 style online offerings. It is actually your online hard disk where you can store your files and protect them with passwords. Well it is not just about protecting your files, Windows Live Sky Drive can be your one stop destination for sharing large files or large number of files. When it was lauched as a beta version, only 1 GB of online storage was provided. But now you can have a full 5 GB storage.

Some google talk tips and tricks

Google doesn’t have built in smileys or emoticons that can be inserted by selecting from a list, but some of the simple text-type smileys are recognized by Google talk and it highlights them automatically in blue. These are: