How to prevent Internet Explorer from opening Office documents in the browser itself

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November 29, 2010

Internet Explorer still holds the largest market among internet browsers. Although Internet explorer doesn’t have much plugins as does Mozilla Firefox, it has some very handy features by default. Like you can view any Office file – Word, Excel or Powepoint file right into the browser and you can even edit it there. This is a useful feature but some people may not like it. Here’s how you can prevent Internet Explorer from Opening Office documents in the browser itself.

There are two ways to do it. Microsoft has released a fix for this. Simply download this Fix for Opening office files with the appropriate application and install it to apply.

Another way is the manual way. You will need to modify your Folder Options to configure Internet Explorer to open office files(.doc, .xls or .ppt) in the respective program. Open “My Computer” and go to Tools>Folder Options from the menubar. Now click on File Types Tab. Under File types tab, you’ll see “Registered file types” list. Now click on the appropriate file type for example DOC for Microsoft word documents and click Advanced. This will open up the dialogue box “Edit File Type”. Remove the tickmark from “Browse in Same Window” and click OK. Do this for all Office Document file types and you’re done.
Internet Explorer Open Office Files in Word, Excel
So, you can easily make Internet Explorer open the Office files with the respective applications rather than in the browser itself. If you want to revert back to opening such files in the browser itself, just put a tickmark to the “Browse in same window” as discussed above and click OK.

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  • Bob

    What about in WIndows 7?

    I tried the autmated FIX in Microsoft Support Article 162059 with no luck.

    I also tried the registry edit method with no luck.

    In Windows 7 we don’t have the ability to “Edit File Type” as we had in earlied versions.