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Microsoft says no cupcakes for Firefox 8

Microsoft seems to have decided against its tradition of sending cupcakes to Mozilla for each version of their Firefox release. For the latest release of Firefox i.e. Firefox 8, Microsoft didn’t send any cupcakes Mozilla’s way.

Bing Streetside from Microsoft

Google Streetview is getting widely popular and until now is the best means to get a panoramic view of streets around the world. The fact that Google Streetview captures images which many a times have risen questions of privacy violation by people in Europe and America. Recently, Microsoft has appeared in the scene with Bing Streetside. The service is currently available only in Seattle, San Francisco and Vancouver in Canada.

Easy Shortcuts for dropdown picking and pasting values in Excel

There is a long list of shortcuts and tricks for Microsoft Excel to get things done quickly and easily. As one may need to deal with large data using Excel, even a keyboard shortcut can be very handy. If you have a column with lots of data and need to use an earlier value in another cell within the same column, a dropdown list would be very handy. This can be done with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Microsoft to put an end to Autorun in Windows

Microsoft’s Autorun feature has been a boon for many users but hackers have also been using it to input malwares without user authorization. Microsoft will soon release an update that it calls an “important but Non-Security” update that will remove the Autorun feature in Windows.

Microsoft’s Project Light space

Now Microsoft is working on something more powerful than the Microsoft Surface, the LightSpace. LightSpace is a combination of elements of surface computing and augmented reality research to create a space whose surfaces would be to interactive to hand gestures and motions.

Some recently developed Windows Phone 7 Apps

Windows Phone 7 has a totally new and user-friendly interface and is smoothly integrated with other services. Applications for the Windows Phone 7 are currently being developed and applications for Twitter, eBay etc. are already available. Some more applications have been released, of which some are just demos.

3D art with Microsoft paint- the work of a genius

Painting or drawing arts would be easier on multi touch devices like iPhone or iPad. But can you imagine someone making 3D art with MS Paint? Dennis from Netherlands is an amazing artist who creates 3D art with MS Paint. Amazing isn’t it?

Microsoft comes up with its new search engine Bing

Microsoft is soon rolling out its new search engine, Bing. Formerly known as Kumo, Bing is the latest effort by Microsoft in the Search Engine scenario after live search. It is expected to be public from June 3, 2009. Rumors have it that Microsoft will be investing a 100 million dollars for its promotion.

Microsoft envisions the future of 2019

Seems like Mcirosoft is on big plans to get more sturdy,intuitive and beautiful. A video released by Microsoft’s, Business division shows some groundbreaking technology that many of us may not even have thought of.