Easy Shortcuts for dropdown picking and pasting values in Excel

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May 2, 2011

There is a long list of shortcuts and tricks for Microsoft Excel to get things done quickly and easily. As one may need to deal with large data using Excel, even a keyboard shortcut can be very handy. If you have a column with lots of data and need to use an earlier value in another cell within the same column, a dropdown list would be very handy. This can be done with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Go to the last cell of the column and press the down arrow key while holding the Alt key. This will bring up a dropdown with all the cell values in the column. But note that it will only show text in the dropdown and numbers will be excluded. And there shouldn’t be empty cells in between or this shortcut will only show value of the adjacent cells that are directly above it. You can also use the Alt+down arrow shortcut anywhere in the middle of the column. This is actually the shortcut for “Pick from Dropdown” option that appears in the context menu.

Copy-pasting cells is very common among excel users. You may be doing it many times while working on any Excel file. There is also a better and much easier shortcut for pasting than the classic Ctrl+V shortcut. Copy or cut any cell, select the cell you want to paste the value into and simply hit Enter. Your value will be pasted on the selected cell.

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