Microsoft says no cupcakes for Firefox 8

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November 10, 2011

Microsoft seems to have decided against its tradition of sending cupcakes to Mozilla for each version of their Firefox release. For the latest release of Firefox i.e. Firefox 8, Microsoft didn’t send any cupcakes Mozilla’s way.

One of the spokespersons at Microsoft said that they didn’t do it this time because they thought that it would be overkill. Mozilla has been voraciously releasing version updates for Firefox. The spokesman further said that sending cupcakes every six weeks would be a bit too much.

Microsoft began the trend of sending cupcakes to Mozilla when the latter released Firefox 4. Microsoft sent another cupcake in June when Firefox 5 was shipped. In August, Microsoft sent a cupcake yet again for Mozilla’s release of Firefox 6 and the final cupcake was sent in late September after Mozilla released Firefox 7.

Microsoft is currently working on Internet Explorer 10. The company unveiled the platform preview version of IE 10 recently at their BUILD conference. IE 10 won’t be available for Vista and XP but it will continue to get better for the Windows 7 platform.

All in all, after sending 4 cupcakes to Mozilla for each of their version releases, Microsoft has finally decided to stop the trend.

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