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Social Media Marketing Via Youtube

The internet has truly changed the way people live. Through the internet, people can browse and at the same time give information, send mail, share and upload pictures and videos in a matter of seconds. With the advent of social media, web- and mobile-based technologies can turn communication into interactive discussion among organizations, communities, and individuals.

The Rise of Social Video

YouTube has long been the king of online video content and the social networks have worked hard to ensure that they integrate seamlessly with it. Apple even made it a standard feature of its iPhone so any video can be uploaded easily. Some however, find the process slow and tedious and coupled with the fact you can only message a friend the link once uploaded makes sharing it a long process.

A Guide to Free Electronics & Gadget Giveaways Online

Believe it or not there are plenty of ways to get free electronics all over the internet. There are also several ways to tell the real offers from the fake and scam offers. Some of the most valuable tools are social networking sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as they can help you tell with a little inspection. Knowing what offers are legitimate takes a little bit of research and a lot of common sense, but there is no reason the average savvy internet user cannot walk away with an iPad, iPhone or laptop after all is said and done.

Video embedding and link previews in Facebook comments

Video embedding and link previews in Facebook comments
We all are familiar with how one can tag a friend on a Facebook comment, i.e. by using the @ symbol and typing the name of the friend. But Facebook has recently introduced a new feature that automatically embeds flash videos from external link and/or show preview of the link shared in comments.

How to extract MP3 from Youtube videos

What if you just want the audio for the song of your favorite artist to play on your MP3 player? You might say that you’d download the video and then convert them to MP3 using MP3 converters. But there’s an even easier way to download MP3s from Youtube videos. You can extract MP3s from Youtube videos using a new tool by Keepvid.com.

Youtube’s Cosmic Panda Interface

Youtube has come up with a new experimental redesign that is code named Cosmic Panda. This interface is a whole lot different from the current interface. It looks sleek, clutter free and cleaner. The new Cosmic Panda interface Is elegant and pleasing to the eye.

WP7 video made by a Windows Phone 7 fanboy

A fan, Brandon Foy has made a promotional video for Windows Phone 7 that has already received over 60 thousand views on Youtube. Entitled “We Love Windows Phone”, this video shows a multitude of features in a span of 2 minutes.

3D art with Microsoft paint- the work of a genius

Painting or drawing arts would be easier on multi touch devices like iPhone or iPad. But can you imagine someone making 3D art with MS Paint? Dennis from Netherlands is an amazing artist who creates 3D art with MS Paint. Amazing isn’t it?

Youtube Time Machine- back to the past

Ever wondered about time travelling, and time machine? This won’t take you back to the past but you’’ll get to see videos from the olden days. Youtube Time Travel(YTTM) helps you cherish your memories of the past. Youtube Time Machine(YTTM) randomly lets you see the videos from the past.