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Easy Shortcuts for dropdown picking and pasting values in Excel

There is a long list of shortcuts and tricks for Microsoft Excel to get things done quickly and easily. As one may need to deal with large data using Excel, even a keyboard shortcut can be very handy. If you have a column with lots of data and need to use an earlier value in another cell within the same column, a dropdown list would be very handy. This can be done with a simple keyboard shortcut.

How to view Analytics for a bit.ly link with a shortcut

Bit.ly is known to us as one of the most popular and advanced URL shorteners available. Bit.ly is also available as browser extension for quick shortening. Its analytics tool is very useful as it shows the total number of clicks on the shortened URL, the tweets with the URL in them and more. Wouldn’t it be great to view the analytics of any link using some direct shortcut? Well its really easy; just add a “+” sign at the end of any bit.ly link to see its analytics.

Autocomplete with Google Scribe

Google never seems to back off from doling out totally new and useful services. Google Scribe now falls in the line of the utilities launched by Google. You are all familiar with the autocomplete...

URL Shortening bookmarklets for your browser

URL shorteners came along to help you trim the URLs to something short. There are lots of URL shorteners that help you shrink a URL to make it easy for you to share, or use in print. But copying a URL, heading over to the URL shortener website, shortening it and then grabbing the shrunken URL is a bit longer process if you really love shortcuts. In such cases, browser bookmarklets for URL shortening can be helpful. You can save the bookmarklet to your browser and shorten a URL with the click of a button. Here’s a list of some of the URL shortening bookmarklets from different services. To save them to your browser, just drag the javascript bookmarklet links to your browser’s bookmark bar.

Show shutdown menu on pressing Power button in Windows

The easiest shortcut for shutting down a Windows system is pressing the power button. But pressing it will directly shut down the computer without asking you to either turn it off, log off or Restart. Well you would ask me “Hey, why would you need that?” But suppose you press it by mistake while pressing the Print screen button? If that is the case, then you might put yourself into big trouble. You can open the shutdown menu instead when the Power button is pressed. Here’s how you do it.

Some Twitter text commands that might interest you

Twitter, the microblogging platform which has now become a major appendage of the web is used by us everyday. You use Twitter for posting your updates and short messages for your followers to read. But have you ever tried out some of the interesting text commands in Twitter that make your work easier than ever?

Some google talk tips and tricks

Google doesn’t have built in smileys or emoticons that can be inserted by selecting from a list, but some of the simple text-type smileys are recognized by Google talk and it highlights them automatically in blue. These are: