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The Top 3 Android Apps for Business on the Move

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June 27, 2012

With people using their smartphones for all kinds of purposes, ranging from business to social, entertainment to administration, it helps to find out how we can make the purpose for use simpler. After all, not everyone likes the built-in applications that come with smartphones, whether it’s the iPhone, the Blackberry, Android phones or Windows phones. Everyone has their own opinion – a bit like who is going to win tournaments or MVP awards.

However, this is what makes the technology industry so great. If everyone loved one model, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about and therefore us bloggers would be out of a job! However, while we all have our own opinions, such as favouring a Mazda over a Honda, Cristiano Ronaldo over Lionel Messi, Nicky Hayden over Colin Edwards, you can’t argue with cold hard facts, (well, you could, but you’d be in a different profession!)

As mentioned previously, a lot of people use their smartphones for business purposes – which was actually the whole reason that RIM came up with the BlackBerry – and the users want to be able to do their office work away from the office, such as while they’re sat on a train or in a hotel. To help to make their job easier, here are the current top three Android apps for accessing work-related tasks on your smartphone:

3. Google Docs

Now a part of Google Drive, G Docs allows the user to store word documents and spreadsheets in “the cloud” and share them with colleagues. This way you can keep a track of what work is done and what needs doing from absolutely anywhere, syncing the files with all computers who are eligible to access them. Very easy to use, you simply save the file and click to open. Just what you want when trying to crack on with an assignment.

2. DropBox

DropBox is similar to Google Docs in many ways, and it truly is a case of personal preference. This cloud storage device enables users to take all of their photographs, videos and documents everywhere with them, but unlike G Docs, not everyone can access it, and storage is limited unless invites are sent out to friends and colleagues, in which case DropBox will provide more space. You can still edit documents and it will sync with whichever devices you have the account saved on, meaning you can work on your office computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet and the interface is sharp and easy to use.

1. Documents to Go

With a free and a paid version of this app, users get the opportunity to effectively ‘try before you buy.’ Obviously the free version doesn’t offer the same package, but it does allow you to get a real feel for the application and whether or not it is the choice for you. The main difference between the paid and free options is that you cannot edit files on the freebie. You can store and save, but you’ll have to pay to work on them. Once you do get to grips with the app, you can almost seamlessly move files from whatever device you’re using to your computer – although this is currently only available with Windows computers), something they’ll have to work on in order to maintain the number one spot.

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