Top 3 Business Apps for iPhone

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November 20, 2011

Smartphones like iPhone and their apps have made an impact on the lives of people of all types. Here is a rundown of the 3 most useful business apps for iPhone to increase your productivity and efficiency.Fair Trade Finder

If you’re a business owner who’s passionate about Fair Trade commerce (a community-oriented cooperative that ensures workers receive ethical compensation for the products they’ve developed), the Fair Trade Finder (free) app is a helpful mobile tool to find out where Fair Trade products are sold and take advantage of networking opportunities made available by a crowd sourced directory.

For instance, if you’re searching for stores that could potentially carry your line of Fair Trade clothing, you can set your location on the app, choose the Apparel & Linens category from the drop-down list by tapping the arrow, and wait for Fair Trade businesses to appear on the map. If you come across a product that you want to document on the map, tap the Add A Product icon (after which you may be prompted to enter your Facebook login information), fill out the Fair Trade Certified from, attach a photo, and wait for approval. Incidentally, Fair Trade Finder is a great app for market research and advertising representatives, as well.


SelfCloud (free) is a server-less multiuser sharing app for anyone who doesn’t like the fact that his data resides on a third-party server in another state or country. Essentially, one device functions as a mobile server (the developer recommends using a PC as a manual server), making it possible to share documents, music, videos, and media with users that sign in to SelfCloud.

The MyBox feature syncs your files on each of your personal devices; ShareBox contains the files you disclose to other users (non-SelfCloud users can see files via their browser). What’s nice about ShareBox is that you can allocate particular clouds for your friends, colleagues, and other categories.


Quora (free) is a reference app that’s produced by experts. You can look up more than 60,000 topics ranging from technology to movies to health to a lot more, of course. Quora lets you ask questions, provide answers, search topics, and maintain an interests profile. For instance, you could explore why tablets exploded in the last year or what the average size of a small business loan is in your city. Notifications will keep you up-to-date on your incoming answers.

Use the Search & Add category to track the latest activity of followers and answerers regarding a specific topic.

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