Don’t type, just speak up your keyword-Google Voice Search

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December 3, 2008

Gone are the days when you used to type those small eye-straining letters on your mobile’s keypad to perform a search in Google. Things have changed and have gone a lot better now. Thanks to Google Apps with its new Voice Search Tool for Mobile Applications.

If you are on a tour to Italy and want to find a place there to relish the popular Italian Pizza, just say “Pizza Italy” on your Phone and Google will throw at you a bunch of places to satiate your desire. You can call it a reverse Google Image Search. Or if you want to get the latest updates on the election results of your place while you are on the road, speak up your the required keyword in Google Voice Search and view the details.

Currently, this application is just available for iPhone. You can download it from the Apple’s iTunes store. Actually this functionality is appended to Google Mobile Apps bundle. When you launch the application, you first need to set your geographical location. A small mic. button is added to the Search Bar. Tapping on that will bring a screen which will ask you to speak. Then speak up your keyword and it will start searching and in the meantime you can see your sound waves mapped on the screen. If the applications fails get a command from your voice, you will be asked to re-enter your voice or cancel the search process. If your command is successfully accepted, you will get a standard Google Search Page with images, links, maps videos and so on. Well this voice command feature is similar to the one found in Nokia Mobile Phones. Don’t worry if your pronunciation is not that accurate, this application can handle many voice types and accents.

Though Google Voice Search is just available for iPhone currently, the guys at Google  might be developing it for other devices too under the hood.

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