Firefox Addon F1 by Mozilla Labs for social sharing

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November 18, 2010

Facebook’s social plugins, “Share” and “Like” are immensely popular on the web. All sorts of websites and blogs have incorporated these social plugins to make sharing easy. But some still lack them and sometimes you would be looking for one when you won’t be able to find any in the end. For Firefox users, a plugin has been made recently available that enables quick sharing over Facebook, Twitter and Gmail with just a few clicks. Firefox Addon F1 that has just been released officially by Mozilla labs is just the right one for social sharers.

Besides Facebook or Twitter, a full array of buttons for sharing including Stumbleupon, Digg etc are ubiquitous on the internet. People may not be into all of the social sites and many a times, such buttons are hardly used. So Mozilla Labs launched F1 Addon for Firefox, to let users share easily over their favorite network in a secured way. Many experts call F1 a counter against Rockmelt, the browser that is in much hype these days as a social network friendly browser. Using this addon, you can easily share any page over Facebook, Twitter or Gmail. As of now, only these services have been added to the plugin but more will come in the future. You can download the plugin here.

After installing F1 Addon in Firefox, you will find a comment icon at the upper right corner of your browser. Click on it to bring up the collapsible toolbar. As said earlier, the plugin has only included Facebook, Twitter and Gmail in its list. Click on them to add you respective accounts. Once your accounts are verified, you can share any webpage over them. You’ll see a small thumbnail of the page you’re viewing and next to it, you’ll find the text box for writing.

But sadly for Facebook only sharing is possible with the addon; it doesn’t allow you to like a page. Other than that, you can only add one account for each service. Multiple accounts aren’t supported; maybe they will roll it in the future. The integration with Gmail has some really nice features though; the address book is pulled so the email addresses you type for sharing are auto completed.

All in all, F1 Firefox Addon can make sharing easier over social networks. The integration with the social services is secure and you can give it a try.

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