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Is Co-Citation the Future?

Last week,SEOMoz’sRand Fishkin had an interesting article/video about how anchor text was being slowly phased out by Google in favor of co-citation. The idea was that as Google’s algorithms became more advanced the importance of anchor text would be slowly dialed down and associative citations from high-authority sites (or a lot from lower authority sites) would replace it. The post does raise quite a few questions, the most obvious being Is exact match anchor text hurting my SEO efforts? And Is co-citation the future?

Why you must use Proofreading services to boost SEO

Today’s lives are characterized by so many activities such that people complain of lack of enough time to do what’s important. With the ever contracting time, the smaller, often-considered-less-important jobs like editing and proofreading are often neglected or done haphazardly, leaving a lot to be desired. If the work is written, it could mean that the writers have no time to proof; they just do it and pass along to the next desk which should clearly, not be the case.

6 Common PPC Mistakes that are Hurting Your Website

Pay Per Click advertising is one of the fastest, easiest to implement forms of advertising in existence. You could set up an advertising campaign through PPC within less than an hour and have it up and running regardless of whether your budget is 30 dollars or 300,000 dollars. Best of all, per dollar spent there is no other known method of advertising that will give you more eyeball exposure.

Need Better Solution for Outlook Express Recovery

Outlook express is considered as the backbone of effective communication across web. To experience a hassle free communication, you must tackle the burning issues of corrupt DBX files. DBX files store data like email messages in Outlook express. For a smooth drive on the path of email platform, it is necessary to pay little efforts to get familiar with .dbx file format. To find location of database file in Outlook express, click on store folder button in tool menu. You can easily move database file from one folder to another.

Five great action games for Android and iOS

So you have an iPhone, but you decided to purchase an Android as well because you like both. If that’s the case we would like to show you what can be purchased in both iTunes and Google Play stores so you can experience those games on both devices. Fasten your seat belts because we are starting with a fast one.

Should You Bring In the Experts When Converting To Digital?

Businesses have traditionally used Paper records for records keeping, which means it can be difficult for some people to let go of paper records and choose digital records. However, modern technological advances have not only made the concept of digital records management more viable, but also easier to accomplish.

HTC Droid DNA: Is it the Phone You Should Buy Next?

HTC has been putting out some quality phones over the past year or so, with their new unibody ceramic designs becoming all the rage nowadays. First we had the One X, and it was fantastic. Then we had the One X+, which was also pretty good. None of these phones stole the spotlight like the Samsung Galaxy S3 did.

The Agonizing Wait Continues as iPhone 5 Runs out of Stock

The Agonizing Wait Continues as iPhone 5 Runs out of Stock The most eagerly awaited smartphone of all times, Apple iPhone 5, finally hit the Indian markets, or rather we should say the legitimate Indian markets, on the 2nd of November 2012.

How to restore your Outlook mailbox on Exchange Server in the event of OST corruption?

OST file is created by MS Exchange Server in a local Windows Server. It is created in the same drive location of your Outlook PST files. When link between MS Outlook and Exchange mail server could not be established due to various reasons, Outlook mailboxes of mail server are saved in Offline folders or OST files. Each OST file contains a single Outlook user mailbox and allows a user to access emails in offline mode.