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Tools and Tactics to drive traffic to your website 0

Tools and Tactics to drive traffic to your website

Driving traffic to your website is the goal of any social media campaign. Let’s take a look at some of the most widely used tools and tactics to improve both the quality and quantity of visitors to your website.

usenext - a usenet service provider 0

UseNeXt – A powerful newsreader for Usenet

Many of you must be familiar with Usenet, a discussion system on the internet that was born around 1979. It is much like a predecessor to the present day bulletin boards or forums. UseNeXT is a service provider that allows members to gain access to the files on Usenet. Both copyrighted and non copyrighted files are available for download via UseNeXT. Using the software, you can gain access to over 60K newsgropus on Usenet. The Usenet servers have large files stored on their servers which are split into smaller bits as RAR archives. These are later on joined together using PAR files or the parity files.

Security Risks for Smartphone Users 0

Security Risks for Smartphone Users

Wherever you are, whether you are simply at home, in the office or even if you travel to another country, you would always see a number of people using smart phones. Smart phones have become so popular anywhere because of the ease and convenience they bring. They not only give people entertainment because of the numerous applications that can be downloaded but they can also allow people to transact and do their work through them. Due to these, smart phones should also be equipped with an efficient antivirus software which would help protect people’s personal information and business transactions. Most smart phone users do not realize that smart phones are actually similar to computers. They need to be installed with an antivirus program because they are prone to viruses and malwares. With operating systems the same with the smart phones, users should also be aware that they need to protect themselves and this could be done with an antivirus program installed to them.

Dual SIM Cellphones show how much technology is advancing 0

Dual SIM Cellphones show how much technology is advancing

The Dual SIM cell phones provide a multitude of lucrative advantages, almost making it a novel creation. Dual SIM mobile phones allow the user to fit two different SIM cards in one phone. This allows phone owners the luxury of not having to carry two mobile phones. It is especially popular with people in the business world. It basically amounts to enjoying the benefits of more than one network. It does not matter if the phones are dual SIM TV phones or any other type of dual SIM phones, because as long as they can take two SIM cards and have the capabilities to read them, then they are dual SIM mobile phones.

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100 Million iPads Sold!

In the Apple event, heralding the birth of the new iPad Mini, a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and a smaller iMac, Tim Cook announced another milestone that is sure to spark an ecstatic reactionfrom Apple lovers, specifically the iPad aficionados. Apple has recently reached a wonderful feat: It has successfully sold 100 million iPads in two years, since the entrance of the iPad in 2010. What’s more? He gladly presented that Apple iPadowns over 91% of the over-all web traffic coming from tablet computers.

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Get the Best Windows IT Support Possible

Windows is the most popular computer operating system in this world. There are very few people, at least amongst those who have received some education or have held an office job that would not have either used it or seen somebody using it. Some would say that it is as ubiquitous as Coca Cola. It is used in offices, homes, and schools. It is used in banking, trade, and commerce, as well as in industry and government organizations. Its conquest of the earth is complete, and Bill Gates the progenitor is one of the richest men in the world.

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Helpful Tips to Boost the Possibility of Winning in Free Competitions in the Internet

For some people winning a competition is a real motivation to continue the game. It is not easy to win in any games and earn fabulous prizes. But sometimes if you are determined and just keep trying luck will always come your way. The new technological innovations have slowly changed the way people do entertainment and fun games. Now, the World Wide Web has introduced a new way of having fun while earning prizes. Online competition is now open to people of all ages. Depending on the type of competition you will choose, the prizes can range from cash checks, gift vouchers, shopping treats, free meals, gift cards and even electronic devices.

iPod Touch 5G is iPhone 5’s Dead Ringer 0

iPod Touch 5G is iPhone 5’s Dead Ringer

iPod touch 5th Generation is iPhone 5 sans the phone services. Generally, this was the public’s reaction when iPod’s latest version was released in the public. At first glance, one can easily mistake iPod touch as iPhone 5. Being related to iPhone, iPod touch might have looked up too much to its big brothers and borrowed noticeable and notable features to attract the market.

What’s your Heartthrob: The all-new iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3? 0

What’s your Heartthrob: The all-new iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3?

Just after the long-awaited release of Apple iPhone 5, the critics made their first move by placing iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 side by side and comparing their every nook and cranny to find something remarkable to talk about. Samsung had all the intentions to abash the frontrunner Apple in one way or the other with their super-smart phone Samsung Galaxy S3 launched just a few months before Apple’s iPhone 5.