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Increase your internet speed

Internet speed varies with places. In some countries the speed is amazingly fast while in some people still are compelled to hook up with very slow connection speeds. Some tips mentioned below can give you a bit faster browsing experience if you are on a slow connection:

Sproutbuilder-Create interactive flash widgets online

Now you don’t need to be a hardcore programmer to bulid basic flash contents for your website. Sproutbuilder will make your work easier than ever before if you intend on building some useful flash widgets. Stuff that are created on Sproutbuilder can be placed on your blog or your website very easily.

GmailDrive-Use Gmail as your online Drive

GmailDrive is actually a Shell Namespace extension which creates virtual storage system that will let you access your files from almost anywhere. Gmail provides a lot of free space but generally that is never utilized to the fullest. GmailDrive will let you use Gmail as your online hard drive very easily.

How to add a Favicon to your blog

Favicons are very useful because they add a touch of professionalism in your site and if saved in .ico format they can also be used as desktop shortcuts for your site. The main advantage however is that it makes the viewers easy to locate your site in Bookmarks or favorites list. Here I’ll show you how to add these favicons to your sites.

Use Google Docs Offline

Login to your Google Docs Account. Then on the upper right part you will see a link called Offline. Once you click on the link, a window will appear which asks you if you would like to use Google Docs Offline. If you grant access to that you will be asked to download Google Gears if that is not installed on your computer.

Translate RSS feeds with Yahoo Pipes

People who are just familiar with English are unaware of the other side of the internet, the content over world wide web in languages other than English. And of the total searches done over...

Xoopit- Enjoy Social Media on Gmail

Xoopit lets you easily access the multimedia content of your Gmail account. You won’t have to perform those tedious searches looking for your mails with attachments, Xoopit makes images or video viewing experience much...

Embed a Spreadsheet into Google Docs

People love the online facility from Google, the Google Docs and so it is getting popular everyday. Suppose you conducted a brief study on the popularity of the some highly circulated magazines in your city. You write a report on that and create a pie-chart showing the basic data with Google Docs. But when you are done with the chart, you are struck with a problem, “Now how to attach this on the report that I wrote on Google Docs?”. Well that is simple.

Synchronize Google Docs with other Word Processing Applications

If you are a person who frequently uses word processing applications and share related files with peers, friends etc, then you are probably familiar with Google Docs. Google Docs has been a boon for those who work on creating and publishing documents and wish to access those files from any place on earth.

Windows Vista Sidebar Tricks

The sidebar is one of those killer features of Windows Vista which many people crave for. Here are some cool Windows Vista Sidebar Tricks.