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YouTube vs Television

Top earning actors and channels with the most subscribers or viewers are good for comparison, but when it comes to the top shows on YouTube and standard television, YouTube is winning the competition hand...

Why Hashtags Are Here to Stay

These days, the word ‘tweet’ does not refer to the fact that you could tweet like a bird, it is about whether or not you have something interesting to share on social media. Inspired by the speed of sound, Twitter is a social phenomenon because these days a conversation is digitized. Though this social media platform comes in close with Facebook, in terms of marketing and branding, Twitter eclipses Facebook.

Tips on Effective Money Making from Forums

These days, the internet is full of free of charge online money-making possibilities. It has supplied numerous possibilities to individuals seeking to help to make extra earnings with no extra expense. Online marketing is actually...

Things to Avoid When Using Social Media

The technology has indeed changed the landscape of communication as compared to the previous centuries, wherein people can only communicate via letters. You still need to wait for weeks and even months just to receive the mail that may contain letters and photos. Social media have offered a great medium for people to get updates from their loved ones overseas. On the other hand, there are always two sides of the coin. Yes, social media offers a lot of advantages but there are some things that you need to avoid when using social media.

The Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Everyone knows how beneficial social media marketing can be for a small business. However, many businesses simply do not put enough effort into monitoring their social media presence outside of their own account. No longer are social networks used solely for contact information storage and sharing of funny pictures between friends. Social networks can be excellent marketing tools for small businesses and big businesses alike. There are a few tools that can help you to more effectively monitor your social media presence.

Use Video in Social Media Marketing

If you own a site and run a business, you can share news and corporate events, pictures to draw customer’s attention and build a relationship between your customer and your brand. It can be done either on your site directly, or using a social media resources. On your social media page you can build a real community of fans and customers and share important updates and news.

Web 2.0 and Digital Marketing Domain

Digital marketing in the present era relies on web 2.0 sites and CMSs. Marketing through Web 2.0 sites internet marketing on the basis of social web. Here, social web implies typical websites, which foster communication and sharing between users. Blogs, affiliate channels, forums, wikis, web portals, social networks, bookmarking sites and user reviews are some of the examples of Web 2.0 sites.

Social Media Marketing Via Youtube

The internet has truly changed the way people live. Through the internet, people can browse and at the same time give information, send mail, share and upload pictures and videos in a matter of seconds. With the advent of social media, web- and mobile-based technologies can turn communication into interactive discussion among organizations, communities, and individuals.

Top plug-ins to enhance Facebook experience

Plug-ins today not only enhance your experience of a particular software but complete it. Once you start using the right plug-ins, you will wonder how you ever got through never using them at all. Every application has something that you can add to – whether it is browsers like Chrome or Firefox, social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, or your own smartphones – Android or iOS. For Facebook however, the most popular social media network, plug-ins can personalize your experience all the more. You can choose from a variety of plug-ins depending on your need, which do everything from reading aloud your Facebook messages to returning a poke automatically, but here are a few which have made the top list, by popular use, and which are used across platforms.

How to Use Facebook’s Privacy Settings Effectively

Facebook can be a fun place to get in touch with friends and share updates about your life with the people you know; however, Facebook can also be a very public place, and it is essential to use the privacy settings on your Facebook account to make sure that only the people you want to share these things with can actually see them.