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Opera 12 released with amazing technologies

Keeping speed factor in mind developers of Opera web browser have developed a new version of Opera browser called the Opera 12. It’s not just the browsing speed but several other amazing features.

A browser resizer that works from your browser

Web designers frequently need to test their designs in various browser sizes. Browser window can be resized without using any addon; browize can resize your window from within your browser.

Keep updated on the browser stats and popularity

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari are the most popular browsers for internet usage for computers. A couple of years ago, Internet Explorer was reining the browser market with about 80% dominance. But now the usage of internet explorer has slumped and other browsers like Firefox, Chrome etc. have risen up. If you want to keep yourself updated on the internet browser usage statistics, you can rely on browser stats page from w3schools.

Destroy text or ads on a page with these bookmarklets

Sometimes we come across some cool bookmarklets that are meant just for fun. Here are some bookmarklets that will destroy the text on any webpage in cool ways. You can also use these bookmarklets to destroy annoying ads on a site.

Manage addons and themes using Add-ons Manager on Firefox

With faster loading Javascript, anti virus integration and hardware acceleration and even better scope for addons, Firefox 4 is a compelling choice for basic to advanced users. On Firefox 4, you can manage and install addons, plugins and themes all from a single place, the Firefox Addons Manager.

Draw random lines and make them spin

There are of fun tools which let you draw random shapes on the browser directly. Spin your string is a similar tool but a bit more interesting. Spin your string lets you draw random lines and suspend them as strings and finally make them rotate.

Browse the internet without using a mouse

Mouse and Keyboard are the best known input devices for a computer for a long time now. Even if you have to intermittently jump between your mouse and keyboard, you can’t resist using the both or part from one of them. But how about browsing the internet with just your keyboard and no mouse? Don’t get scared, you won’t have to switch between Alt+Tab and Alt+Shift+Tab to visit the links. A Firefox addon Mouseless browsing has been built just for this very purpose.

Firefox Addon F1 by Mozilla Labs for social sharing

Facebook’s social plugins, “Share” and “Like” are immensely popular on the web. All sorts of websites and blogs have incorporated these social plugins to make sharing easy. But some still lack them and sometimes you would be looking for one when you won’t be able to find any in the end. For Firefox users, a plugin has been made recently available that enables quick sharing over Facebook, Twitter and Gmail with just a few clicks. Firefox Addon F1 that has just been released officially by Mozilla labs is just the right one for social sharers.

Scrabbly – A Massively Multiplayer Online crossword Puzzle Game

Scrabb.ly is a multiplayer crossword game website that is similar to a popular board game. The beauty of this thing is that, everyone playing the game would be playing it at the same time on a single large Board. Everyone sees the tiles from others in real time as they play.

Internet Explorer 6 crash emulator

Internet Explorer is one of the most used browsers. IE6 still has the largest number of users as compared to the users of other browsers. But with the dawn of the latest browsers IE6 has become more or less obsolete these days because of its lack of features and repeated crashing.