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Video embedding and link previews in Facebook comments

Video embedding and link previews in Facebook comments
We all are familiar with how one can tag a friend on a Facebook comment, i.e. by using the @ symbol and typing the name of the friend. But Facebook has recently introduced a new feature that automatically embeds flash videos from external link and/or show preview of the link shared in comments.

Use your tweet as your email signature

Generally, you add your name with a link to your website on your email signatures. Same is the case for signatures in forum posts. Twitfooter is an online tool that lets you add your latest tweet to your signature in email, forums or websites.

Turn any image to a HTML 5 Coloring picture

Since HTML5 came into play, people have tried out lots of interesting stuff using HTML5. HTML5 adds a flash like interactivity to a webpage and there are a great many things made with HTML5 already such as games and other fun applications. Farbzauber is a very cool HTML5 based application that you can use to turn your image into a coloring sketch or black and white picture.

How to add photos and videos from Facebook to your blog

Facebook is the one of the biggest places for sharing photos and videos online. Facebook practically allows a user to upload any number of photos and videos so there’ isn’t a problem with sharing media on Facebook. You can also use pictures and videos on Facebook for embedding in your blog.

Start a conversation about your content with Sharebacks

Sharebacks is an online service that will help you start a conversation on Facebook regarding any of your content and show it on your website. Integrating Sharebacks will keep your visitors more engaged in your site and they can give their own insights and share media as well. Sharebacks is the best option to enhance interaction in your blog.

How to download any embedded flash video from sites

Generally, we get to see videos from Youtube and Vimeo embedded in sites. But some blogs host videos on their own servers. Downloading videos from popular sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe is easy and many online tools are available for that. Keepvid, Javimoya, etc. let you download videos from most of the popular videos hosting and sharing websites. But the ones that aren’t available for download via these sites can be downloaded via internet explorer.

Some great new features in Animoto

Animoto is a web application that automatically generates professionally produced videos using their own patent-pending technology and high-end motion design. You’ll just need to upload images and you’ll have a stunning video comprising of your images. You can also add music to your videos. There are some really cool transitional effects available and every time you get different result even for the same collection of photos. You can also add background music for you videos.

Embed Google Maps in your blog or Document

Google Maps the free Web Mapping software is getting popular on the web. Businesses, Organizations and even individuals use Google Maps in their sites or blogs to show off their location to their people. Would you like to embed Google Maps in your blog? Well here is the way you do it.

Make onscreen-GIF animations for placing on blogs

You might have seen GIF animations made from screencasts in many blogs. These help visitors understand the explained tricks easily. Well a video can also be embedded for the same purpose but using a video for very short videos would not look quite impressive. If you want to embed screencasts in GIFs, here is how you do it.