Embed Google Maps in your blog or Document

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February 6, 2009

Google Maps the free Web Mapping software is getting popular on the web. Businesses, Organizations and even individuals use Google Maps in their sites or blogs to show off their location to their people. Would you like to embed Google Maps in your blog? Well here is the way you do it.

add Google maps To start with this, go to Google Maps. You will see a Map Search box at the top of the page. Type in the name of your city or any other place you like. Google Maps will then come up with the map of the place in the normal map form. Select Satellite or Terrain to switch to satellite or terrain view respectively.

Next,click on “Link” at the upper right corner of the page to get the code for the map. Now click on Customize and preview embedded map which will bring a page for customizing the map. In the resulting page, enter the dimensions for your map. You can adjust the map by moving it with the mouse. Finally copy the code generated.

embed google maps to site Now, go to your site’s html editing view and copy the code anywhere before the <body> tag for your map to appear on it. If you have a WordPress blog, go to your Theme settings and add a widget to your sidebar. To embed Google maps to it, add a text widget to the sidebar and paste the code into it. Finally save your settings. For embedding Google Maps to your blogger blog, paste your code into the Html/Javascript Gadget and save it.

You can also embed Maps in your Google Docs. In Google Docs, go to Edit>Edit Html. Now paste your code between these.

<p style=”float: right; margin: 10px 10px 10px 10px”>

—Your code here—


Switch to main view again. You’ll see the Google maps embedded in your document. It will be of great help if there is a reference of any location in your Document. You can also publish the page.

So, try to be more elaborate to your blog or site readers next time by embedding Google Maps to it. You can also embed other things like your favorite Feed items, Google News etc. on your blog.

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