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LiveProfile: More Than Just Texting

LiveProfile is a free smartphone messenger application that works on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices. LiveProfile improves upon the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) platform by taking Short Message Service (SMS) communications to a higher level thanks to its nifty social networking features. LiveProfile. While text messaging is at the heart of LiveProfile, this cross-platform messenger can do a lot more than just SMS.

Chit Chat for Facebook – a cool desktop client for Facebook

Facebook chat has been integrated into chat applications like Pidgin, Digsby and recently Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger as well. Chit Chat for Facebook is a standalone desktop chat client for Facebook that serves solely for letting you chat over Facebook. Chit Chat for Facebook has a neat interface and resembles MSN Messenger in some ways.

How to send tweets from Gmail

There are various methods for sending tweets to Twitter. Well you send out your tweets through the medium you think is the easiest. Some tweet from the Twitter website, some from other 3rd party...

Google Profiles added some features

Google Profiles has added a new feature called contact info where you can add details for your friends to see it. Actually the information that you add is not totally public and you can control the people who see it.

See if you are being tricked on instant messengers

If you have hundreds of friends added to your yahoo or other messenger, you sometimes feel irritated at the bombarding messages every second from them. And then you think of appearing invisible to everyone and then talk secretly with some of your very near ones. Do you wish to know who is fooling you around by appearing offline?

Add a browser based IM to your website with Toksta

Toksta is a browser based messenger service and you can integrate it on your website with ease. This service is completely free. You’ll need to add a few lines of code and you’re done. Or if you use wordpress, a plugin for wordpress is also available.

Monitor activities happening on your PC with PC Pandora

Is your PC used by people other than you off and on? Do you want to know whta they do on the computer? Or know the interests of your kids and their favorite websites that make them stick to the computer for hours together?

Earn money with Skype

Have you ever used Skype for talking to your friends and family? As many of you know, it is one of the most popular VoIP softwares with over 300 million users worldwide and counting.

Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta build 14

Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows Live Messenger. This is actually a beta version. The interface is very much different from its previous version. One can find a plethora of handy features and it seems that Live Messenger has made a bunch of improvements over the year.
You first need to download an online installer which in turn will download all the necessary components and install them on the go. The installer also lets you select other optional utilities to download like Windows Live Photo Gallery, Live Writer and so on. If you have an existing older version of MSN Messenger, it will be automatically upgraded.

Some google talk tips and tricks

Google doesn’t have built in smileys or emoticons that can be inserted by selecting from a list, but some of the simple text-type smileys are recognized by Google talk and it highlights them automatically in blue. These are: