Fool your friends with these tools

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November 6, 2008

Yesterday I stumbled upon and found an array of fun tools there. The instance you get a glimpse of these, you will begin weaving some naughty ideas in your brain to fool around your friends. This site offers a CD full of prank softwares which contains some amazing stuff. But this is not for free. Some of the prank tools on this CD are not even available for download. But you can download a lot of free naughty tools. The site calls them “April Fool’s Day Softwares”. These tools are not harmful; they won’t crash the system. All of them are not for free but I have listed some of the free and interesting ones here:

Copy Cursor: It replicates the Mouse Cursor a number of times on the screen. At first no interface is seen but after a certain time a bulk of mouse cursors can be seen on the screen.

Fake Delete: This prank tool simulates the deletion of files inside a directory specified. The file or folder delete dialogue box is same as the Standard Windows Delete Dialogue box. By default it shows deletion of windows directory. It reads the computer’s directory, so the files that are actually in the computer are shown while deleting. A splash screen is seen after the false deleting process completes and Fake Delete can be closed by closing that screen.

Bomb: This will display “Illegal Operation” dialogue box of Windows 95/98. You can use this prank software to replace a shortcut commonly used and your victim will believe that the application crashed or there is something wrong with it. It can be run via the command line tool.

Mouse Clicks: This will let you disable the mouse clicks- right, left or both every x seconds. So you can set to disable the mouse click every 10 seconds and the user will start thinking that its time for a replace.

Password Prank: Its a very funny one. This prank software displays a very realistic password entry box to the user. Once the user begins entering the password the programs itself enters a long password and then shows up an error message saying that the password is not long enough. Play this trick on your cyber friends.

Fake Format: This prank software emulates the window’s format. Once the program is started, the program “pretends” to format the selected drive. This cannot be stopped. Once the fake formatting is complete you will see a screen which upon closing will exit the program.

DownHoax: It fakes an unwanted file download from the internet. This prank tool randomly chooses a site from its database and simulates the download of undesirable files. It shows the default download screen as that of Internet Explorer.

FollowMe: It makes the Windows start button to follow the mouse cursor. After launching it, the Start button will begin moving along with the mouse. But this prank tool won’t harm the functionality, the Start Button works all fine.

Show/Hide Desktop: It will let you configure to show or hide the desktop icons. You can also make all the icons disappear and reappear after a certain time.

Avoid: This prank software will prevent your mouse cursor from clicking the Start button. Just launch this prank program and watch your Start button jump away from the mouse cursor.

Have some fun fooling your friends with these prank tools.

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